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end the blood feud between my cats (read all 4 entries…)
New House - New Peace

Well, we moved into a new house several months ago, and things have changed for the better. The fact that it was fresh turf for both cats seemed to make Emily braver and Lucy lazier about attacking. We leave them out together all day now and rarely have to break anything up. In fact, I’m pleased to say I’m ready to cross this one off the list.

organize my clothes (read all 2 entries…)

I took about six hours last week, put on the headphones and cleaned out my closet—top to bottom, literally.

I took every single thing out of the closet, washed and vacuumed the inside, then began putting the clothes back in one item at a time. With each piece I first decided if I truly wanted it (if not, it went in the donate pile) then I hung it neatly and put it back in it’s place. I also culled my drawers for unwanted items as well.

I think I got rid of at least one quarter of the things in my closet and created a lot more room in my chest of drawers. It’s easy to put clothes away now, and nothing is piled on top of my dresser. Good to cross this one off the list!

read Wuthering Heights
A love beyond time

Truly an original – dark, gothic, obsessive and intense. It is not your typical love story by any stretch of the imagination. I loved the wild, windswept feel of it. Heathcliff’s passion for Cathy borders on mania and practically leaps off the page – theirs’ is a love that transcends even death.

FYI, I don’t typically like movie adaptations of treasured books, but Laurence Olivier’s Heathcliff from the 1939 movie is one of the all-time great cinematic performances.

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