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  1. 1. Get a better mark in my Degree
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  2. 2. stop washing my hair
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  3. 3. Become carbon neutral
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  4. 4. get sponsored for skateboarding
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  5. 5. skateboard more
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  6. 6. meditate daily
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  7. 7. stop procrastinating
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  8. 8. learn to draw
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learn to draw
A frustrating inability to express my ideas

When my imagination runs riot I have no way of sharing what comes up. This is one of those things I’d like to do but I’m not sure I’ll ever get very far with it!

Become carbon neutral
"carbon neutral" tech and my dream home

It’ll take a while but I present my master plan!

Straw bale house
ground source heat pump
“wood gas” generator running a genny for power
home-made wind turbines
wood gas adapted vehicles/cookers
growing our own food – greenhouse + allotment
Fluorescent lighting
using my laptop rather than my pc
Assisting more people to follow suit through my chosen field of study.

stop washing my hair
Hair, grease, scientific enquiry and the price of shampoo

I’ve heard more and more about not washing one’s hair with any kind of soap, so I’m working my way towards the end of a week-long trial of this right now. My hair is feeling greasy, but better and more manageable.

The one thing that I’ve been told that noone’s mentioned and seems vital to my hair is to brush and comb it regularly to spread the natural oils up to the tips. My job for tomorrow is buy a comb – it’ll be the first time i will actually be able to comb my hair for maybe 4 years. It knots massively, even when i’m asleep but the not washing it thing is reducing that massively.

I’m also only 4 minutes in the shower, and am using less resources :)


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