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be thankful everyday (read all 2 entries…)
peaceful life

Today I am thankful that I have be given such a peaceful life. It is full of love, joy, and good stuff. I am thankful for laughter and the chance to enjoy it. I am thankful that I am safe in the kind of way I have always wanted. I am thankful that I KNOW I am loved.

write to my compassion girl more often
Joy in simple things

I love writing to my compassion child and her mother. They bring such joy to my life. Each word they write is a reminder to me to be thankful, to take pleasure in small things, and to be joyful.

Our relationship is so precious to me. They have said that they greatly enjoy my letters too… so in turn I want to write them more to bring them joy, to be reminded to pray for my faraway friends, and so they know that the american girl that writes to them loves them dearly.

I wrote them a letter today…. more soon.

finish the projects I start (read all 2 entries…)
"x"ing my way there

Today at lunch I steadily worked on Baby E’s quilt. Chug chug

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