worked well today. Yeah!!

I'm doing 8 things

How I did it
How to dance freely
It took me
3 days
It made me
feel free!

How to get a PhD
It took me
7 years
It made me
deeply satisfied.

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watch less tv
Get rid of the TV!’s the only way I could watch less TV. After the first hideous effort, no willpower required. Mind you, for a while you get TV cravings, just like any other addiction – a real YEARNING, like a physical hunger, for the total holiday from your own mind that so much TV provides. Books are a good methodone equivalent here.

write a book
first month

For the first month I’ll just aim at doing two hours a day on it. This first month is about having fun— reading over what I’ve done so far, and then planning out the main themes of the remaining chapters.

work regular hours
each morning at home

To start with, I want to work on money-earning stuff for two hours each morning, and on finishing the book for two hours each morning, except for days when I’m working away from home. I can have one day a week ‘off’ from this routine, if I want to. I’ll start with trying to do this for one month.

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