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Toilet Duck

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stop picking my face (read all 4 entries…)
Not agAin...

13 days since my last entry & my skin was looking flawless. But now, as with evey month, with period comes breakout. This will be the test. All I have to do is not touch my face for the next few days and the zits will go away; but if I pick them then they will stay.

get to work on time (read all 3 entries…)

I think I’ll just change my hours to 8:00-5 and stop trying for 7:30.

stop picking my face (read all 4 entries…)

I got my nails done yesterday & they look super sexy- but the best part is that I cant pick my face (which is driving me CRRRAAAZZZY!!) But no worries- I know soon I’ll just stop trying & leave my face alone. That is until the next time I decide to wear my natural nails- then begin picking my face again- only to then realize the reason I started wearing false nails to begin with.

stop procrastinating

Hmm.. Not off to a good start w/ this one. A week into fall semester & I havn’t purchased my books. However, I admire & am confused by the folks who buy their books before the semester begins. I guess it’s nice to be prepared for the first day of class- but before I pay 130$ on a text book I want to be sure that I will be using it. This year it appears as though taking lecture notes will suffice. *except for math… I’ll get that book next week fur sure

stop picking my face (read all 4 entries…)
It's the Weekend!!

I didn’t touch my face at all today! Well once- But I couldn’t help it! That damn tiny blemish was asking for it! But no worries-it’s the weekend & most of the self inflicted damage I incurred over the past 2 weeks has healed.

stop picking my face (read all 4 entries…)
Sooo Grosss!!!

I can’t believe I’m admitting to picking my face; this is such a disgusting habit that i’ve had since I hit puberty. luckily as I’ve aged my skin has cleared up. But still, I hate the feeling of a bump or zit on my face- so I pick at it- initially thinking I’m doing good- but 98% of the time it only makes things worse (red, inflamed, bloody, crusty [bleeeck!!]) Plus I have really dark skin which is more prone to scars & long lasting /permanent discoloration. sometimes I don’t even realize I’m doing it.
However, I discovered that when I wear false nails I am prevented from picking my face. I was doing good for months- until I stopped going to the salon- so it looks like I now have a valid justification for why I need to go to the salon on a regular basis.

get to work on time (read all 3 entries…)
Thursday, fur sure.

Got to work at 7:45 this morning- I’m getting closer 7:30. Tomorrow will be better.

Fall in love
One day... Soon???

I’m 26 and have never been in love- I think I’m past due.

Get organized (read all 3 entries…)
What about...

I took the following advice from user Congentdiversion, she writes, “Start small. Pick five items around you. If you don’t absolutely love the item, find it useful/functional, or it doesn’t add beauty to your environment, get rid of it.”
I think I’ll start with 30 items a day (I have a lot of clutter) During this period I will not bring any new items into my space. No dishes, No shoes, No new Books, No NEW Clothes. Not until everything I currently have is dealt with. This should be fun… ??

dress more feminine more often
accessories DO make the clothes!

Actually I’m still in the process of doing this- But I’ve come a long way. I think getting older & becoming more confident has a lot to do with it. In addition to reminding myself that high school is long over- it doesn’t matter what my peers may think- I’m just here to do me. Right now I’m going through a major cleavage phase- the more tits the better(but in a classy way & only on the weekends). I wear clothes that actually fit now. No more drowning in baggy shirts & faded jeans w/ holes in the knees (well, maybe on a weekend or 2). AND accessories DO maketh the clothes! Esp. earrings… and a little makeup.

be proud of myself (read all 2 entries…)

Pfft- time to get back on this bandwagon

clean out my car (read all 2 entries…)

It’s been 2 years since my last entry. I have a new car and a new mess. I think I’ll clean it this weekend. No!! I WILL clean out my car this weekend!

make a new friend (read all 2 entries…)
How do you make friends?!?!?!

For some reason I have difficulty making the transition from acquaintance to friend. I talk to people all day- have great conversations- I have tons of work friends or school buddies, but that’s where it ends- At the end of the day or class we all go our separate directions.
I think I just need to put myself out there more. I feel desperate asking people to hangout with me. I need to get over that. And then there’s the rejection thing- what if the person doesn’t want to hangout with me?? Then there’s the logical side that says, ‘you never know unless you try!’ Ugh!…

replace a lost social security card

Well- I still haven’t gotten a new social security card. Do I really need to?? So far a valid passport and California drivers license has been sufficient.

get to work on time (read all 3 entries…)
Do not succumb to Snooze!!

Hmm, getting to work early (on time) does seem to put one in a better mood (at first). But is it worth getting up 30 minutes earlier??
Currently, I wake up at 7 to be to work at 7:30, but actually arrive at 8.
I live downtown, a 7 minute drive to work (15 in traffic, 30 on bike.)
Monday, August 24th 2009 I will get up at 6:15 – leave my house at 7:15 – and be at my desk at 7:30… Be in the building at 7:30
It’s Me Vs Snooze

stop throwing clothes on the floor (read all 4 entries…)
2 Year update!!!

Wow! It’s been 2 years since I’ve visited this site! And I see little has changed between age 24 and 26. Got a promotion at work, a new car, a new home- same old filth. Time to revisit these goals…

Finish a tube of chapstick before losing it (read all 4 entries…)

I give up!! I went to the 99 Cent Store and purchased a tub of Vaseline, as well as a travel size container to put it in as needed. If I lose an entire tub of petroleum jelly, then I guess I deserve chapped lips.

clean out my car (read all 2 entries…)
If I dont see it, then it doesnt exist

Finally!! I threw away as much crap as I could then took my car to ScrubBoys to let the professionals do the rest. It cost $60.00, and me being accosted by an angry homeless man, but it’s done. Except for my trunk, I have 2 years worth of crap in there; can goods, cell phones, aqua gloves, etc. But since no one can see that mess, it doesn’t exist. Besides one never knows when they’ll need aqua gloves and a jar of pickled pigs feet.

Take the Colorgenics profile test
Better than a fortune cookie

You are setting yourself an illusory goal. Whatever it was that has made you so bitterly disappointed has left a nasty taste in your mouth and you feel that ‘enough is enough’. You are sick of it all. Wouldn’t it just be wonderful if you could retire to a desert island and turn your back on the past? But it’s an illusion and you know it.

In the past there have been – and maybe there still are – many things that you have had to do without. You have now decided to set your sights on a position or situation that could give you greater prestige and which will afford you considerable self esteem.

You are very demanding – and insisting on total involvement but you do not reciprocate with the same depth of feeling. However, it could well be that maybe an unprecedented surprise is awaiting you in the near future. For just as one whilst paddling in the sea, could flounder into a whirlpool, so you may be drawn into a loving situation that has high emotional demands – and you could well respond with a depth of emotion that you never even dreamed that you possessed.

The stress and tension that you are experiencing at this time is perhaps due to your inability to achieve security and appreciation from those closest to you. This is resulting in considerable pressures. You find the situation as it stands most frustrating. You are the sort of person that would like to experience all and everything very intensely but unfortunately you are not receiving the warmth and understanding that you feel you are entitled to. Matters are not going too well. You seek a sympathetic ear but it is not forthcoming. This situation is extremely nerve-racking – and what is more humiliating is that no-one seems to care and you are powerless to do anything about it.

Perhaps in the distant past your trust and belief in your fellow man was misplaced and you can now no longer accept anything as it appears to be. You are untrusting and you insist that before you commit yourself to anything, you examine the pro’s and con’s with critical discrimination. The situation has now progressed to one where you are apt to disagree yet not make any form of constructive criticism to every suggestion that may be put to you. As a result you are in limbo. There is a saying that goes ‘The past does not equal tomorrow’. Think about it – and let go.

buy a digital camera (read all 2 entries…)
Another goal bites the dust!!!!!

I finally got a digital camera!! It was my birthday/christmas present. This is my first picture.

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