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live for today
All work and No Play makes Jane a dull girl!

I moan the past, worry about the future and miss Today!
Work is all-consuming – i need to live again!

lose weight and exercise regularly

They say that you will only lose weight if you really want to. Well, I have struggled with my weight for about 11 years now – It’s the usual problem – I start a diet with good intentions, but my will power doesn’t hold out for long. So then, you could argue that maybe I don’t really care. Rubbish!!! I can’t look at myself in the mirror, without wanting to scream; i can’t wear the clothes I want to (I haven’t wore jeans for years now); I love holidays, but can’t be seen in a swimming costume; my husband hasn’t seen me naked for years; my colesterol is too high – the list is endless! I hate myself, so why can’t I stck to eating the right foods? There is no one to blame but myself.


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