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ready for recovery week, and data pushing.

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Get a root canal and not pass out or cry too much (read all 4 entries…)
crown mold made

today. Getting a crown is a really long process not so sure I like it. Today there was some more numbing, but luckily I knew to ask for the non-epinephrine kind.
Much faster today. Whew.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)

Horrible long run today. Hot miserable, slow. Nothing good to say about it. After even with good refueling, I had horrific cramps in my legs. not too worried about my half coming up. i just need to let my legs recover. This week was a bump up. I did not do too well with it at all. Cud be the heat and humidity, could be job and home stress. Or it could just be that I was ok at 30 MPW, but 34 about nearly killed me. I think it may have been the impromptu speedwork.

make a list of what I have to do and do it (read all 228 entries…)
Lots to do

Have had a but of feeling fairly down for this week. No real reason. I messed up one workout and that has me upset.
But this weekend, I do have Loads to Do to set myself up for winning.

workoutwalk dogdishes
change sheets
try new beef dish.
long run
research shoes some more.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)
WHole week done

And I have 3 weeks of training. I was very pleased to get an email from my coach Early. Usually he waits to send it out until later, but I suspect he read my blog, which had a discussion of my anxiety while waiting. This is one reason I am so hesitant to publish on that blog.

Anyway the next week looks amazingly fun, and includes craziness like “run around panera, run around Target….” rather than specific distances.

Also it includes a rather big jump in miles, if Panera and target are where I think they are…

SO delighted to be uninjured.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)
43 things

web site is working kind of slow for me all week.
Been a good good training week, though I admit, I am sleeping so well that I must be ultra-tired.

Today is the CROWN of all the weeks workouts, I dread it more than the long run. 8 miles of 2 mile repeats. Grrrr.

Had a bit of a bobble with coach man this week. I was desperate to give him his 25.00 for the month and didn’t know his schedule so I wanted to be sure he got it, which caused me to hand it to him while he was at work. he asked me to email him instead…and I’m like Skeletor, I have nothing to say, just have to give you money- had to do over email. So…feeling not so hot on that one.

Get a root canal and not pass out or cry too much (read all 4 entries…)
much better

I’ve got to still get the permanent crown put on, but my entire mouth is feeling better now. I discovered that all the tremors were probably from the epinephrine in the anesthetic. No wonder. But I’m really glad that it is not so painful anymore.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)
THis week has gone really well SO far.

I have one long run and a 45 min cycle left.
Total running mile 27.5 miles.

I’m a little bit sore and a bit tired. Had to nap today. Not sure if it was from the workout or the actual intense heat exposure. Eventually I did get up, get some groceries, scrub the bathroom floor, and do a good amount of dishes…

Looks like Monday is almost a rest day.

Feeling nice and focused and fairly strong. Only concern is a few niggling aches and the fact that I’m still pretty tired. I do think though that the run today in 90 degree heat was probably the issue

Be a good IP Nurse (read all 41 entries…)
put on some fake fingernails...

so that in a week or two we can culture all the bacteria out of them. now, this is a great project. Who knew that it was so hard to function with these things. I can barely get dressed, typing is hard..broke one the first day… hope i survive the project!

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)
best workout ever!!

so it would appear that I am now enjoying the peak I was supposed to have for my marathon, 2 weeks late. Coach was laughing…he said, well, planning for a peak is like landing a plane in the dark. he apologized…told me to enjoy it and not go crazy…I wanted to go to 2 a days… did the double brick workout today we loooved it!

Get a root canal and not pass out or cry too much (read all 4 entries…)
Oh My.

I have had the worst part done. temporary crown put on, took forever, and I was so so miserable. but the Endodontist said I did better than expected. It was really only the numbing that was so horrific. I did almost cry and found myself trembling after but then it was just annoying and irritating to keep my mouth open. :(

I’m so glad that this part is over. Sure wish my tooth didn’t feel worse than before the procedure, but…It may just be the day…

Get a root canal and not pass out or cry too much (read all 4 entries…)
Tomorrow is the day

I’m kind of not thinking about it, but I am a little bit nervous when I do. Mostly I want to be sure it doesn’t interfere with my training schedule. Already I have to be at work early and fit in a morning workout. :( darn teeth.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)

This week was OK, It sure did get HOT.

I did mostly swimming and biking all week, and then on Saturday and Sunday I had a run. I guess I wrote about Saturday.

Today I ran 8 miles. It was slower than normal, by about 30 seconds. SO HOT. It was actually only 72 degrees but at 98% humidity, I guess I noticed the humidity the most. I never really felt GREAT, but also felt mostly OK. Towards the end of mile 7 into 8 I started to feel irritable and whiney, so I reminded myself that just 24 months ago I was moaning about “When do I get to run again” that actually bucked me up.

After the run I cycled for an hour…It was not that fun.

Some mild hip pain R in piriformis and flexor. Also odd I started with some ankle pain on the right. it seems to be almost resolved.

Whoa on the humidity….ALl of us at the gym could not stop commenting on how warm it was (those who had chosen the outside for various activities first that is.)

----Daily Goals---- (read all 4 entries…)
Goals for June 9

maybe get in pool?

begin to study a bit. Maybe make a study plan for the CBIC.
make sure I have 5 outfits for the week.
Send a card to Gma.
fix hair.
Pre-prepare smoothie.

pick up floor a bit, pre pack stuff for monday.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)

Today was a Brick workout. I did an hour cycle and a 3 mile run. It was actually pretty fun, except for the heat of the outdoor run. Must wake up earlier since its summer and its Florida.

I was super pleased with how springy my legs actually felt today my speed wasn’t there, but given it was 80 and about 90% humidity, I’ll take it.

Been turning the resistance up on the bike so the ride was actually quite challenging as well.

Now…I just really have to focus on getting my diet under better control. I have been making adjustments, but not too many big changes, so of course I am still seeing the same results.

Save money, not waste money! (read all 75 entries…)

I will have to pay the dentist on Monday, as I am having a root canal. :( but the good news is that I was able to contribute to both my regular savings account, and my Roth IRA and I still have enough to pay the dentist. So I guess I’m on track with saving, and I do not think a root canal is considered wasting.

On another note. My track shorts that are 4-6 yrs old have given up the ghost. I went to TJ Maxx and bought some running tights for 12.00 They are hideously loud purple, but if I had bought them in black the same brand/style appears to be about 50 on line…

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)
29 weeks.

I’ve got about 29-28 weeks until the Jax Bank Marathon. I’ve definitely got unfinished business with “the Marathon”
TO set myself up to win more, I visited the Orthopedic surgeon and had xrays done on the right hip. It really was hurting.

No stress fracture, and it seems to be improving with REST.

This week has all been pool and cycle work. little bit of weights which I enjoyed also. I have experimented around with nutrition ate some stuff that was definitely not on my “ok” list before. Also ate a HUGE pile of ice cream. Must limit the ice cream. Part of my training plan is to lose 20 pounds. though 8 would also work. We’ll see how far I get with that.

Mentally, I am still sort of feeling a little fragile. I got feed back today from a mutual aquaintance that my coach is entirely disgustingly proud of me behind my back. Her quote, “It’s kind of like you are his “big” child…he’s so proud and thrilled with how you are doing…”
Felt like winning the lottery to hear that. Having his support is so key for me. I actually do not know if I’d want to continue training with out him, he has become such an integral part of my training. Hal Higdon is free on the internet, but…Hal never gave me a high five.

Saturday I start back running a little with a brick workout..and sunday it’s back up to 8 miles. I’m nervous, but it’s really time to try to take this on.

So grateful for my coach, who allowed me to fail miserably, and is going to also allow me to succeed less miserably.

----Daily Goals---- (read all 4 entries…)
June 6.

So for the 6th:

Get to work EARLY
finish some slides before meeting.
get color printed prints.
get some work done for meetings.

Meet R for bike pickup since he stood me up yesterday.

Do a good workout.

1 piece of chocolate at the most. (that candy basket has to DIE!)

Stuff that went well yesterday:
not getting upset when I went to the Park and R wasn’t there…
Ortho Appointment
got some good work done on slides, found work focus.
Managed to purchase some new workout gear, so I won’t have to use the ones with holes in the crotch anymore!

Stuff that could have gone better.
EATING. ate all sorts of ice cream.

----Daily Goals---- (read all 4 entries…)
goals for the 5th

Avoid the candy basket at work.
Meet J at 6 for pool work.
Get the xray on my hip.
meet R for bike pickup.
STAY positive regardless of outcome.

What went not so well today:
Avoidance of the candy basket
work focus.

What went well today:
Workout focus
not seeing C.
Did get 5 fruits and veggies.

----Daily Goals---- (read all 4 entries…)
June 3, 2013

Major goal:

5 fruits and veggies.
Eat what I am supposed to eat, not something else.
Focus well at work on work.
enjoy the pool for the mess that it is in the summer.
See Janice and make appointment for Wednesday’s pool mess.

Chronicle my 30 weeks of New Marathon training (read all 20 entries…)
So here I go again

This first week of Marathon “training” is actually recovery from the Marathon last week. My body seems to have bounced right on back with relatively few problems but my psyche was a bit damaged from so many circumstances of the actual race event. The nice thing about coaching that isn’t on line is that my coach actually could see me. He sat me down on Tuesday and we talked about everything that was going on. He finally said, “You know, you are a complex person and I need to know all this stuff…I don’t want to pry, but it will really help me to help you” So lots of talk ensued. We met again on Thursday for serious on paper planning. We chose a race and then left the rest of the week for goofing off entirely. I’ve done a bit of goofing, with an open water swim, and some other crazy stuff, but Mostly I am waiting for my right hip to stop hurting to really go nuts on the training. Goals for this week:

Train modestly if no plan given.
follow plan if given.

I am so grateful for my coach. I really was feeling broken down and he made it my business to lift me right back on up. I am also grateful to his wife- who normally I dislike a bit, as she also made a gargantuan effort to raise me up.

Now. I want to give him (and myself) a PR that I won’t forget.

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