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Having adventures and sharing them with others has been one of my joys for as long as I can remember.

When my children were young, we used read stories together and then go enact them out at the playground. I can still hear their peels of laughter as they ran across the climber as billy goats, while I, the the horribly slow and clumsy troll tried to catch them. When they were a little older we’d go places like the zoo to have our adventure for the day. Now that they are living their own lives of discovery at university, those adventures are pleasant memories.

Today, the journey of discovery takes me to new destinations, the opportunity of meeting interesting people, exploring new directions in music, art, food, wine, trying new things, and, I expect (and hope) many I haven’t even thought about doing yet.

I am indebted to a fellow life’s adventurer who, without knowing it, helped me realize the importance of this trait, and inspired the desire to ensure it becomes a life-long goal.

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First Steps

Yesterday afternoon, when I talked to the staff about my motivation to take some life drawing classes, they all wanted to take them too! I contacted a life drawing instructor at Sheridan College about coming in to the studio once a week for several weeks with a model to inspire all of us, and she’s agreed. Now it’s just planning the details and finding about when the first class will be. I’m pretty excited about this.

take a life drawing class (read all 2 entries…)
Time to Stretch

As a partner in a marketing company, I’m surrounded by talented people. Every day, we produce stunning package designs, inspiring advertisements, or other forms of beautiful visual communications that sell products and services. I’m fortunate because I can participate in the design process and keep the creative juices flowing by conceptualizing projects with clients and staff.

Unfortunately, I don’t get to put pen to paper anymore. My own artistic talents (such as they were) have atrophied. It has been years since I last picked up pastels to sketch something just for the fun of it.

So it’s high time to stretch. Time to stop thinking about art simply as a means to create a consumer buying impulse. It’s time to challenge myself, get past the confines of commercial art and try to ignite creative passions again.

Why life drawing? I always struggled with this back in school. Maybe with maturity I can now look beyond the human body as something to be idealized and rendered with perfection. Capturing character is so much more true to form.

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