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  1. 1. exercise 3X a week
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  2. 2. eat healthier
    11,191 people
  3. 3. get stronger
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  4. 4. get laid more!
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  5. 5. run a 5k
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  6. 6. save some money
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  7. 7. get better attendance at craft group
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  8. 8. Knit a sweater
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  9. 9. Read One Book a Month
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  10. 10. become more confident
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  11. 11. Learn to sew my own clothes!
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  12. 12. climb half dome
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  13. 13. go camping
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  14. 14. see killer whales in the wild
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  15. 15. see a great white shark in the wild
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  16. 16. remodel my kitchen
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  17. 17. bird watch
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  18. 18. take vitamins every day.
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  19. 19. Get a tattoo
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  20. 20. learn to cook better
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  21. 21. try attending my local Universal Unitarian Church
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  22. 22. Do Volunteer Work
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  23. 23. Do my wedding photo album
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  24. 24. become vegan
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do volunteer work (read all 2 entries…)
Loving volunteer work

Earlier this year my 6 year old cat died from cancer. It was devastating but damn that cat had been an awesome and given us so much. We have space for 3 cats, and I knew eventually we would get another cat partially as a way to honor the cat we lost. We adopted a cat from a rescue group who had been pulled from a shelter close to his euthanasia date.

This got me thinking alot about how much happiness I’ve gotten from my cats and how I’d really like to give back to more than just the 3 I can adopt myself.

I’ve been volunteering at Oakland Animal Services for the past few months and really wish I had done this sooner. It’s been a really fulfilling experience. I’ve always been a bit on the shy side but have found that talking to people who are looking to adopt a cat is the best part of the job – actually helping match up people with cats that will enhance their lives

I look forward to the few hours a week I spend there.

If you are in Oakland and are looking for a pet come to Oakland Animal Services!

try attending my local Universal Unitarian Church
my 43 things came up on my google search...a sign?

searching for the oakland universal unitarian church and my entry was the first link… maybe i should take it as a hint!

Get a new job (read all 2 entries…)

after working at the same job over 9 years and hating it for the last several I FINALLY found a new job! and it’s 5 miles from home. work/life balance has definitely improved. i’m shy by nature so i still feel a little out of place but getting better every day.

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