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  1. 1. Go skydiving
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  2. 2. get a girlfriend
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  3. 3. go to burning man
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  4. 4. play guitar
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have a flat stomach

Im 135 5’10 and got a 6 pack. Its worth doing. I do crunches every other day. I do 90, 95, then 100 crunches. I dont even feel sore anymore. When I first started I used to do a minute of lifting my legs a few inches from the floor for 1 minute 4 times then ending with a 2 minute lift. Its really tiring and I got a 6 pack from it, I heard that crunches are better so I switched to crunches.

do a one-arm pushup

Im 135 pounds and like 5’-10. I can do one armed pushups. I think a low body fat percentage means alot when doing these.


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