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  1. 1. write a book
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  2. 2. Learn Spanish
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  3. 3. Finish my website
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  4. 4. visit all 50 states
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  5. 5. bike to school
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  6. 6. mind like water
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  7. 7. straight a's
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  8. 8. PMP
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  9. 9. Bachelors Degree
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  10. 10. Marry an Anchorwoman
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  11. 11. Buy a House
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  12. 12. Buy a motorcycle
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Finish my website
It's what I'm going to school for!

So I have a half dozen really bad half assed sites I’ve started for the different courses I’ve had to take and no one decent one that I’ve made. I need to have something good up by the end of the year or…. or… I’ll have to get back to you. I’ll take suggestions as well…

visit all 50 states
Now What states have I been to?

I was a working stand up comic for about 14 years however I wasn’t the busiest stand-up. And mostly I went to a few of the same states over and over again. and I spent a lot of time driving through the ones in between. A fine reason to work the road again.


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