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Get a MacBook Pro

Beautiful machine and wonderful feel of key boards. The software is over-rated. This entry after a year of using it.

Make my place feel like a home
It took me forever on my previous apartment...

and then I moved to a much, much smaller place. And within weeks it was done!

I wonder why I thought about it too much. Again. Simplicity is key.

Scan all my analog pictures (read all 2 entries…)
Pretty much done

I scanned the most important pictures before moving. I think I’m pretty much done with them. It was worth it. Yes.

Go to a GYC
This year...

I confirmed my registration. Two months away.

get my finances in order (read all 3 entries…)

Finances require an ongoing process of maintenance, really…

I did simplify a lot… I think that’s the key to order.

Build a home office (read all 3 entries…)
Five years ago!


Actually, I didn’t use the office much, and once I was done, I ended up moving.

I now have a simple office space which I love. Simple. It all just came together without much thought. All I needed was some natural light, $60 dollar desk I found on Craigslist… and the bookshelf and office chair were give aways.

expand my social circle (read all 2 entries…)

.. I can’t believe I wrote this four years ago!

I achieved this by changing locations and being very proactive.

be active in church

I haven’t been on this site for sooo long. I even forgot about this goal.

Actually, I ended up moving to the mainland, and changing locations helped me find a niche.

reflect daily in a 'one sentence' journal

“I’ve become a morning person. By accident”

Live without TV for a year
Almost three years now...

Glad I did it. I can hear my thoughts now :-)

I wonder whether I could live without internet…

Prepare a care package for my kids in India
It's time to celebrate and connect

Soba started school on June! And this will be a huge improvement in the quality of her life.

Pandu’s Birthday is at the end of the month!

And, well, it’s been 6 months since I’ve been in contact with them. I miss them.

Go on a mission trip (read all 2 entries…)
India Mission Trip

An amazing experience. When you give it comes back to you ten fold.

Go on a mission trip (read all 2 entries…)
Almost there....

in two days I’ll be leaving for India on a 3-week mission trip. Have no expectations, just the desire to serve and get to know Jesus a bit better.

I’m looking forward to growth and the experience of it all.

Design, build and maintain a roof garden (read all 2 entries…)
Not giving up...

...will break it down.

Lose 10 pounds
Hmm... not this time.

I want to be fit and healthy. A by-product would be to loose ‘some weight’. So I’ll re-focus.

Read one book a month
Keeping things interesting...

I tend to read 4-5 books at a time. If it grabs my attention I’ll even read it in a couple of days.

Just feel that I get more reading when I’m having fun. It’s something I want to do because I enjoy it. I don’t want to set it up as a ‘goal’. ;-)

perfect my wardrobe
Didn't really wanted this...

..perfect what? Sounded fun to arrange some few good combinations, but why jot it down escapes me right now.

identify 43 things that make me happy. (read all 5 entries…)
43. Hugs

Especially the ones that end a long time apart…

identify 43 things that make me happy. (read all 5 entries…)

39. Having enough time in the morning to do a really good devotional with God.

40. Blast music in my car stereo and sing out loud.

41. Comfortable silence.

42. Morning light in my apartment. Just love it! And have to add, during summer, when the sun is up before 6am, I adore to wake up by the caress of sun rays! The best wake up call God can give me.

identify 43 things that make me happy. (read all 5 entries…)
Continued on 09-04-07

36. Being inspired by people that are actually pursuing their
passion, and contribute for that piece of happiness

37. Experiencing something bigger than myself; something I could
not describe with words

38 Making that electrical connection with a stranger

39. Listening to really good live music, lying in the grass under a starry night. There is something special about a live performance outdoors, when the elements are right, once can actually experience music through all the senses. Of course, being the performer must be the ultimate experience. Still, until tonight, I had forgotten how good this feels. Thank God for music.

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