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have a body like a victorias secret model (read all 2 entries…)
I agree with you, some are too skinny.

I totally think that many of the VS models are overly, sickly thin. And you can totally tell the healthy ones apart from the too-skinny. Adriana Lima has a realistic body, a little more curve and a little less collarbone. And the blonde one with the big lips has curves. I would love to look like either of them. I’m already kinda tall but if I could tone up and grow hair like theirs, lol…somebody please tell me, is that real hair on their heads? Is it possible to be that thin and still have long, thick curls??

have a body like a victorias secret model (read all 2 entries…)
I need a personal trainer...or drill sergeant...or

Hey all, I’m Tonya: 20 years old, 5’7”, and have (well, had) an athletic build that has kinda gone to pot lately. I’ve tried a number of diets in the past year, only to find that my will power is beyond weak. But I also found I do better when somebody’s telling me what to do…I had a gym membership for a while and worked out harder and longer when instructed, but it got way too expensive, so now I’m trying to jog everyday. Like everyone else, I am totally envious of Victoria’s Secret models’ bodies and I can’t ever find details on their workouts and diets! How many sit-ups, squats, cardio, how much of certain foods do they eat, and what times of day?? I need specifics, lol. So here I am, looking for your direction. If a certain exercise/diet is giving you results, please let me know! I am here to support you as well. I am currently running 30 minutes a day, 5 days/week, mostly on level ground but trying to find some good hills too. It’s only been a week and not results yet but I’m trying to be patient. Also, I read that Miranda Kerr drinks tons of water, at LEAST 2 liters a day. So, that’s on of my new resolutions too.


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