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identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
Alright, let's see how many so far:

In no particular order, written in reverse:

29. Planning and executing a killer arts and crafts project.
28. Dressing up like a Pirate with your Mom, and acting like a pirate while handing out water at a marathon.
27. Coming up with a funny, relevant, clever costume idea
26. Convincing people to dress according to a theme. “Let’s all wear Red white and blue to this meeting, and then take a picture together”
25. Giraffes. Otters. Let’s face it, they’re such damn cool creatures.
24. Copenhagen, Denmark! What a beautiful, bicycle-centric city! Where it’s safe enough to walk home after you’ve had such fun with your friends that you didn’t even realize you’d stayed up until sunrise, and it’s safe enough to walk home
22. Friends are those that will climb public landmarks with you
21. Being grumpy about waking up early or anxious about being somewhere on time, then you realize you get to see a sunrise
20. When scrapbooking, or rummaging mom’s basement, brings back reminiscence and fond memories.
21. When you discover old stuff in Mom’s basement and don’t feel the need to horde it anymore!
19. That moment when you realize you’re locked out, but you possess the rock climbing skills to scale a 2ns story balcony and get back inside.
18. Spending time with people who inspire you.
17. Having a full house, like guests to come home to after work, or friends you can bum around with during the day.
16. When someone, unknowingly, says something that completely resets your train of thought into something profound.
15. When you’re reading, and unexpectedly come across the one thing you really needed to hear.
14. The fact that #15-16 can still happen to me, even in my late 20s
13. That moment when you ask, “why do I have sore muscles?”
12. When the St. Louis Cardinals win, make/advance in the playoffs
11. Training really hard for something, like climbing or running, and then totally nailing it.
10. How children love unconditionally
9. Actually knowing exactly how you want to decorate a room to your personal style
8. Good hair days
7. Learning something really cool about history. Especially architecture – it’s like being in on a secret.
6. The calming effect of the ocean. Or open water in general
5. Singing out loud, especially in the car, especially with friends
4. When children are delighted.
3. Realizing you’re certain that you love someone
2. Seeing mountains
1. Feeling like this after working hard on code, or studying something hard:

Well that’s 29. We’ll call that one for each year, including this one in progress. Good start!

visit all 50 states (read all 4 entries…)
South Dakota 7/20; Wyoming 7/22

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climb Devil's tower. (read all 2 entries…)
A Moral Dilemma

Although, this trip planted the seed of a conflict of conscience. While I’m not a practicing member of any religion, I consider myself spiritual, and i hold a belief to always be respectful of nature.
My hikes and climbs are a way to appreciate our great land, and the natural beauty of its forms.

It breaks my heart to learn today that my childhood dream of climbing Devil’s Tower could only be done in defiance of the wishes of Native American tribes that consider it sacred. I learned that it pains them to think of equipment being installed on the tower, and that so much climbing and foot traffic disturbs their religious ceremonies.

As the earliest inhabitants of this land, I feel a respect for the tribes of Native Americans who raise their culture in the shadow of the tower.

Yet, it would be with a heavy heart that I could abandon this goal.

Has anyone else had this dilemma? I would so appreciate if you could share your story.

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