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Try 5 new restaurants in my area (read all 2 entries…)

I’ve been looking forward to a pancake breakfast for months, and it’s never worked out. But finally, just before Christmas, we visited the Sunrise Diner on Fifth Street. They serve breakfast all day, and offer huge portions of yummy food for a very reasonable price. It will be hard to avoid going back again and again!

Try 5 new restaurants in my area (read all 2 entries…)
Thai Essence

It took awhile to get started, but I’ve finally tried one new restaurant – Thai Essence, near home. Lafayette Eats gave it a great review. I don’t know that I was as excited as they were, but it offered good food and good service, and I’ll be happy to return.

fix a car
Not really an issue, now

I sold the beat-up car and bought one that’s in better shape. So I hope I won’t have any opportunities for automotive learning experiences for awhile.

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