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  1. 1. visit all 50 states
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  2. 2. Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.
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  3. 3. Go scuba diving
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  4. 4. Get a ferret
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  5. 5. Attend the olympics.
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  6. 6. visit all 7 continents
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  7. 7. Go white water rafting
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  8. 8. Read the Bible
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  9. 9. Swim with dolphins
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  10. 10. serve on jury duty
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  11. 11. Visit Japan
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  12. 12. see a broadway musical
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Go to the top of the Statue of Liberty.

So I went about a year after Sept. 11 and they wouldn’t let me go up. And then a friend of mine went a couple months ago. She told me that you can’t go to the crown. I’ve wanted to go up there for yewars now, so are you allowed to?

go on a cruise

I went on my first cruise recently and it was a Carnival Cruise, the pictures are really misleading. Everything was smaller than what I expected.

There wasn’t really that much to do besides eat, watch shows and louge on the beach. I wouldn’t recommend the Bahamas. I went to Nassau and Freeport, only a beach and some shops selling the same exact things.

Save your money for Europe or just…anything a little more interesting.

sing karaoke
Kareoke Party

I just got a really nice kareoke machine, those that come with the books so you can plug in the number and sing. I’m always having people over to kareoke with me, spreading the love.

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