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K.F. Campbell

Let's go to war to make peace. Let's be cold to create heat.

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Exactly how I visualize Bay's Character

I was photoshopping last night and this picture was born. Lawl. xD This is exactly how she looks in my head.

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Picture of Bay's character

song by Evanescence. Lul

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I have too much time on my hands


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Queens of VaeRoul

Because I felt the need to be Fanshy.

This is Accaia and Quinn. You can already tell who is who.
Why are they queens, you ask? I DON’T KNOW! D: I’ll figure it out later.
But aren’t they pretttyyy? :D

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This is pretty much 20 year old Jewel (The Sanctuary 2 since she was 17 in Sanc 1)
Because her and Pirate are sisters I thought I’d tie in some more steampunkish piratey things just to be cool. I’ll add the introduction to Jewel in the comments later…

Oh and yes I used a dollmaker find it on Dolldivine since I can’t remem the name

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Advocating Visionary
^Since I have no idea how to make an image of it. Haha.

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I got a phone so send me yo phone numbers to my email:

Also include your favorite HP character cuz that’s the theme for my phone lol!!!

Characters taken:

...I think that’s it…
lol YEAH so do that!

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Strange Dream

Ehmm…Yeah my chatzy name says it all.

So, in my dream I was in a hospital. OKay, creepy I guess but I wasn’t the one in the bed. I was actually not even in the scene yet-just looking down on it. But wouldn’t you know, it was my bf who was in the hospital bed.
It was very strange, he was much older but not like greying. Just like you could tell he was a man. So the doctor comes in and starts explaining the situation.
“You’ve been in a coma, but only for a week now. Just a few questions to see how you’re functioning. What’s your name [he answered correctly] and how old are you?”
He answered “Sixteen.” So the doctor was like o-o “K…” so the doctor leaves and whispers something.
Next thing I know I enter the room. I too looked much older. He notices me and smiles right away. To my relief he recognized me. So I pick up this little girl with brown hair and blue eyes. We go and sit on the bed with him and he’s like “Who is this?”
That’s when I started crying. The little girl left my arms and said “Daddy! You were asleep for a long time.” and went to hug him. He hugged her but was like O-O what!? And then he finally realized how bad the situation was and was very depressed after that.
I had to explain to him that he was actually 30 years old and not 16. And that we had been married for 10 years and that that was our 5 year old daughter.

So the dream shifted, but stayed within the same subject. We were at home and he did everything normally, but held our wedding photo in hand everywhere trying to make all the memories come back. After I went to bed he was staring in the mirror and looking at his older self. He then saw our daughter behind him when looking in the mirror. He asked her why she was out of bed and she said that he usually tells her a story every night but forgot to tonight. So he picked her up and put her in our bed and told her a story then fell asleep and were were all just there..sleeping in the same bed.
It didn’t have any sort of conclusion cuz it changed after that and I woke up.
But yeah. Strange dream…

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Place to upload random photos

Because I need a random place to upload random photos.

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Only one person will get the joke…

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He looks damn sexy. I look not so sexy.

xD Yeaaaaaaaaahhh.

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You don’t have to be apart of Deviantart or the group.
If you want I can submit the picture on my account but give you full credit.
And no this isn’t a secretive doing. If your friends like to draw they can join in. I’m sending this to a lot of friends.

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Cats of The Sanc 1, 2, 3

I think Feyline will be the main character of Sanc 3. It follows the cat series. Inakaysa says in the first, “If I were a cat I’d be a calico. Sweet, loving, and loyal. They do what they do if totally necessary.” | Masque is a Sphynx who was born to a Calico and a Spynx that Inakaysa took care of. Sphynx have no loyalty because they prefer to do whatever the hell they want and like to be with people all the time. They’re friendly right when they meet you and do very well with dogs preferably Huskies (Huskies get along with cats easiest. Wolfie’s character is a Husky Wolf) | Feyline being born to masque inherits the cat gene and can turn into a calico cat. (dingalingaling Bingo Yahtzee get the point?) And she looks A LOT like Inakaysa. | In Sanc 2 Masque turns into Inakaysa by taking form of a Calico then turning into Inakaysa. - Notice what I’m getting at, guys?

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Strange Nightmare that I kind of enjoyed....

It was so strange…most of the time I was having Deja Vu.
I was camping with my cousin and we were hiking over a volcano. A lot of people were camping as well, mostly people around our age.
She and I climbed down and were on our way to the lake when suddenly everyone started screaming and running past us. All of us jumped onto a hill and watched in horror as the volcano erupted! Lava was spewing everywhere and slowly making its way over to us.
So now, we’re all running for our lives while lava rocks and ..well.. lava was being shot at us. I watched as a lot of people were taken down by the rocks and burned to death while others had their hair or limbs burned off. Then these people (Thinking they were smart) were using these capsules that are supposed to protect you from the lava by freezing everything around you. The capsules malfunctioned though and would freeze the person like a statue and most likely kill them.
I used a lot of dead bodies as a bridge over the lava as I ran for a cabin. The cabin was mostly made of rock. The upstairs was melted because it was wood. I made it down to the basement with this redheaded guy..(Can’t remember too much detail on him)
The basement, may I say, was freezing! Slippery too since it was icy. We were protected but still scared. So we went to the windows and checked to see if the lava was getting in. Most of the windows had turned to solid rock when the ice froze the lava.
So I panicked, and forget not THIS IS A DREAM: I turn and said
“So, seeing as we’re about to die-wanna have sex?” rofl!!!
He declined going “We don’t have time, what can we fit into an hour!?” roflroflrofl!!!

So then I led him into a secret passage way through the main bedroom that led to a bathroom with a window. We climbed through and found ourselves outside where two oblivious rich people were chatting. It was wintery cold outside and very wet from maybe rain? Apparently we were too far above the ground for the lava to be able to reach us. So We climbed out and got onto the roof. Eventually the man of the couple’s phone began to ring and I woke up to find my phone was ringing.
:[ Scary nightmare, but I kinda liked it!

I’ll tell you about the dream I had after that, later.

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Ew, no thanks!

meet my internet friends
One Down, So Many To Go!
I finally met one of them! It was a great experience because you never know what to expecT! It’s so strange meeting for the first time because technically you already know so much about each other.
I mean, we were best friends on the internet so when we met in real life we didn’t know exactly how to act. Usually when I meet someone new we ask millions of questions to get to know each other at the same time try to get used to each other so sleepovers and such won’t be awkward. But with my internet friend it was instant friendship. I spent the night at her house without any problem!

Now, I still have quite a few people to go.
I’m currently narrowing it down to who I want to meet.

I’m also planning on how to meet them. Most of my friends know each other on the internet as well so if I could only get all of them gathered up to meet in one place-that would be amazing!

It will take a few years, and I plan on waiting until I’m 19, but it will be great!

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Spirit Animal -pshaaaaw-

This actually is a bit of an important subject for me. xD You guys know I’m not the spiritual magicky kind of person, but I am a big believer in zodiacs, numerology, and inner being/animal stuff.

So I was kinda doing my usual self discovery thing when I kind of had a thought about what animal I’d truly be. Most people described me as a fox but I couldn’t see it. So after quite a bit of thinking I really felt strongly about it. I think if anything I’m more of one with the crocodiles/alligators. They’re scary, yes, but it just feels right and yeah.

This made me think of another topic: Shifting. I don’t know if that’s possibel but a lot of you guys do.
My theory is that IF it is possible-then you have to find that one animal you can turn into. Most people try to turn into whatever the heck they want. Maybe the reason you’re failing is because your body isn’t agreeing with you and that you should shoot for a specific animal.

So, not that I’d want to, but if I really did try to shift I’d probably go for an alligator just because it seems more legit with who I am.

In other words, when you want to shift-make sure your body is up for it and your inner spirit agrees.

REMEMBER, I’m not an expert and this is all my own opinion so just think about it.

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Character Pages

I’m making character pages that include some info on each character.
This is all going in alphabetical order, so you’ll have to check back every once in a while to see if your character has been posted.

All characters below…

Go home with my Family (read all 220 entries…)

Okiedoke, Sky.
This is what I’m going to need from you:

*Character Name?
*Human or Mermaid (If you choose werewolf your character will be in Sanc 2 but not 1)
*General Appearance
*General Personality

Once that is all filled out I’ll tell you what the books are about with the help of a few others in the chatzy room.

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°¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤° The Sanctuary Book Cover Contest °¤*(¯`★´¯)*¤°

I’m in great need for a good cover for my book…only my drawing skills aren’t exactly amaaaaazing.

So, this is how the contest works:

When you design the cover, I will send it to the publisher as well so they know what to use. You get full credit for it, as well! Think about it! Let’s say this book does become famous. Wouldn’t you just love to walk into your school library and see your design on that book? I know I would!

There are a few things that need to be included and also some rules.

•Full front, back, and spine
•A kitchen knife
•Mermaid(s) [DUUH]
•The title and my name [(Obviously) The Sanctuary by Kiera Campbell)]
•A big empty space on the back (For the description)
•If you can fit in splashes of blood, thanks!
•The words [Cover By __] on the back

•No images found from google or any other website! Has to be your work

Contest Ends: August 8th
Voting Starts: August 9th
Voting Ends: August 12th

I’ll announce the winner on a separate post.
[A place for voting will be made soon]

´¨)   ¸.•*¨)
(¸.•´     (¸.•`    ¤ KF.Campbell

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