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have a funeral for my relationship with my ex
The Ex-Box

I saw the entry about the funeral for a relationship and I called all my girlfriends to come over. When they got here I gathered all my old pictures and memories and put them in a show box! Then I read a breakup letter that I had written two months ago and never gave him…We decorated the box and lit candles and after I went through all the pictures for the last time, I put them in the box and blew out the candles. Then we all went out to a bar and got filthy drunk!

stop being pissed that my ex boyfriend is already dating

I just broke up with him less than a week ago and he has already been out with a girl twice! Once Thursday to our restaurant and now to the Braves game! I guess this is the reason I broke up with him in the first place! He was already a dog!

stop biting my nails
22year biter no more!

Once I looked around and saw that EVERYONE else didn’t bite theirs..it was time in my head to stop so I put glue on nails on for a week and then kept painting and peeling the nail polish everyday! 42 days strong!

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