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organize my stuff
I'm chaotic

I’m moving out from my parents in a week and I already furnished and decorated my new room. That one is really organized now.
But… the problem is the room at my parents house now. All my stuff is all over the room in different boxes and i cant find back the things I need. And when I start looking for things, and eventually find them back, they’re always at the bottom of a box, makng the box even more messy.
So really need to organize and mainly, throw away things. But that’s hard…

stretch enough to touch my toes (read all 2 entries…)
I stretched today..

And I can get a little further already :o

Stop caring what other people think of me
Yeah, I want to do that. I care too much right now...

I get offended by other peoples talk pretty easily even when they mean to compliment me, I take it the wrong way. I want to be careless and free and live my way I want it to be, not worrying about other peoples opinons.. But it’s hard not to listen to what people say.

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