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  1. 1. learn how to graffiti
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learn how to graffiti (read all 3 entries…)
Hope is back..

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog this uses every letter in the alphabet… keep doing that sentance and see what letters u like the most…then use them letters to spell a word…like if letters A C G H J K P O X… are letters u like…u can write…AGOH or some shit…anything u want..dont gotta be a real word… AND…get stickers from the post office!!!..there free and if you draw on enough and stick them it will get you noticed… also later if anyone is interested in doing posters like OBEY…i will teach you how to make wheat paste…stronger than crazy glue…works wonders

yo im back and i added one of my 5 new pictures i took of me bombin… but anyway besides that… for some reason it wont post my whole message and it cuts it off..

anything can help you guys learn letters…for instance…you like the F from the FORD logo?..play with it and mess around.. or look at the logo from Baseball teams…like the red sox…you can take the B and mess with it…SO MUCH SHIT


learn how to graffiti (read all 3 entries…)
keep it real

listen yo, don’t listen to anyone… it does take along time, it really does…but if anyone wants it bad enough..they can get it, i don’t give a fuck what people say.. you keep drawing, you CAN be king street.. but if you don’t want it…if you can’t handel it… don’t even try, don’t do it…stop now, forget graffiti…go draw still life…for real..

i hope in a few years atleast one of you gets nasty..
keep doin your thing, and remember… the haters are the real toys

learn how to graffiti (read all 3 entries…)
Learn graffiti

okay listen…. i didn’t even touch a spray can until i drew my graff for 4 years on paper… if you want the world to see your art…make sure its fire…not that no style TOY shit… you gotta eat sleep and breathe graffiti… you gotta have that addiction… you gotta want it more than anything…or you aint gonna make it, heres what the novice ppl do… first before you even think of writing….get your tag (your graff name)....you are shit without your name…your nothin…that is your identity…that is you.. when you go out bombing the streets everyone sees your tag…not you (if you know how to do it they wont see you)... grab a black book and draw your ass off, even when you wanna stop drawing for the day…keep drawing. get as many artists as you can to draw in your black book and learn from their styles (DONT FUCKIN STEAL THEIR STYLE!) learn from it… and remember to just have fun and do your thing…. oh yes and also (Dont go over other artists work…thats the biggest insult in graffiti, and if you do go over their work, you better expect them to go over yours)... IIGHT EVERY ONE THIS IS HOPE SIGNING OFF… i hope i can help atleast one person


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