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  1. 1. finish my commission
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  2. 2. go on a relaxing vacation
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  3. 3. build a HERF gun
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  4. 4. Sleep more
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  5. 5. photoblog with Second Life
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  6. 6. upgrade my computer
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  7. 7. write my resume
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  8. 8. get over my fear of heights
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lose 20 pounds by February (read all 2 entries…)
Did it!

I dropped from 340 pounds, to 320 pounds over the course of 6 weeks, and it wasn’t by conventional “dieting”.

What did I do?

I stopped drinking so much soda, cut most of the McFood out of my diet, and got a little exercise. :)

Best 20 pounds I’ve ever lost.

Gonna have to do it again. :)

photoblog with Second Life
I'm fighting right now.

I’m not a big fan of Flickr for my photoblogging needs within Second Life, but I’m incapable of writing my own script to convert Second Life’s Postcard emails into something usable by WordPress.

So, I’m trying to get Postie to do the job.

If this works, then I can just use my own bandwidth and space to store images. Right?

A must.

If you’re not using CSS, you just might be part of the problem with the Internet today.
Sites are slowly coming to realize that you should never ignore accessibility in favor of looking pretty. This rather important lesson comes at the cost of saving some bandwidth as you remove those stupid, STUPID <font> tags, all those <table>s, replacing it all with CSS, <div>s, and a little time.

Learn how to design without tables, and you’ve won half the war.
(hint: consider adding a couple of links that jump between navigation and content, and hiding them with CSS (display:none). They won’t show in modern browsers, which will use your CSS, but in text browsers, they can jump between content and navigation sections without much work.)

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