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  1. 1. buy a flat of beer and get tanked this weekend
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  2. 2. have a threesum
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  3. 3. do acid
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  4. 4. fuck my best friends daughter
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  5. 5. get drunk
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learn PHP

i can do this

get drunk

im drunk now

do acid
my journy

my journy happened in 1975 in my smalltown.. i pick up a 5 lot of acid.. bein my firt time.. i took one and started slipping through the hands of realilty, watchin the colors change and the shapes morph.. i spent the next days with thos 5 hits of acid.. eating away at nothing.. coming up with crazy threorys’ listening to pink floyd.. trippin balls… not knowing what was real and what was fake, i ended up in a dark basement with no sight and felt like i was blind trying to find my way with the world

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