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Who do I want to be Anyway?

There’s different types of people in this world, who do I want to be? From day to day, it seems like I’m someone different!
I know the personality is more intriciate and complex than I make it seem, but in genearal,

Do I want to be:
-cute and fun and generous
-mysterious, sercretive and withdrawn
-quiet and contemplative
-an activist-a mix of hopeful and cynical
-dark and sarcastic
-angry, angst in general
-the smart girl
-the dumb girl
I vary between these extremes on a daily basis.
It sounds really dumb that I’m actually labeling personality types when no one is really like this, but I have to do something because I don’t like being a different person everyday-the mood swings, etc. Everyone notices the changes I have too and I don’t like them. How can a person be so many things. Maybe I act different around different people. sigh

become a better person (read all 3 entries…)
Stuff that's wrong with me....stuff I can do

I think if I change this stuff, I can be a better person hopefully.

1. say what I feel more often, speak up more—I’m tired of pretending to be happy and giving out fake smiles, fake smiles are painful
2. lose the weight-i’ve never been fat, but now that I am, I’m less confident, sigh
3. Stop the carnal pleasures-pleasures of the flesh
4. Hang out with my friends more
5. Go back to God
6. Don’t procrastinate
6. Take care of myself-my body is a temple
7. Simplify, don’t take on too many activities so I don’t have time for myself or the ones I love
8. Read more, be smart, believe in my self

become a genius (read all 2 entries…)
Books to Read

I have a long list of books I will read this year and this summer, but the books I want to read now include….

Gulliver’s Travels
Nicholas Nickleby…maybe
Both of Barack Obama’s books
Tyler Perry’s as well
Motocycle Diaries

Yes, that should be it…well I go to the bookstore this weekend, it should work.

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