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U have 2 convince urself ur thru ...

I thought this person was my life. i wanted 2 give them the world but as time passed someone else came into play and not only did they love me, they loved me first. Time continued 2 pass by and i wanted the one i was in love wit less and less until one day i didnt want them at all, true love will never cease but it can fade. also remember that love isnt a one way street, if they cant love u like u love them, itz not gonna work. and dont try 2 convince yourself that you have enough love for the both of you because honestly and truly you’ll get 2 times da heartbreak. if anyone wantz 2 talk or needz help im on aim Ceez218, and msn c.keteku

Propose to a loved one at the perfect time
I finally got the nerve

i did it. she was happy there were tearz but we… better yet i was rushing what i knew couldn’t be. so i’m saying bye to this goal

get over the death of a loved one
this past summer...

i lost two cousins over some bullshyt. the day before their funeral i was delousional. i refused to believe that they were gone. i called my older cousin’s cell phone 12 times hoping that maybe the funeral was just a bad dream and he was still alive and that his little brother would run out and say we tricked you! we’re fine stop crying. but the truth finally hit me at the burial. i broke down crying with my uncle. but you know what? in the end it gets easier because death iz easy, dying is the hard part. to see some body die is difficult because you’re watching life slip away from them and that sticks in your mind and slowly erases goodtimes. after a death all you have to do is remember the goodtimes and they’ll always be with you.

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