love my BF forever

take better care of myself
Water problem

I know, I mostly drink juice and soda and recently I have had the drive to start drinking more water. I think my drinking habits is the cause of my acne.

Learn to play guitar left-handed (read all 2 entries…)

Today I practiced A, Am & A7, but I need a new battery for my amp.

learn Korean

I’m going to give this site another try. I met a Korean guy there but he seems pretty busy so I don’t message him often. When I stopped using the site I quit on the second lesson of Japanese. I need to believe ! I could make new friends there (hopefully my age) and learn Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Spanish, French, and Vietnamese.

Learn to play guitar left-handed (read all 2 entries…)
One goal at a time :)

Today I’m focused on my optimism, but tomorrow I’m ready to refresh my guitar skills and learn them backwards.

Save money
This is hard..

I’m so tempted to buy things I think I need and once I want to deposit money I only have less than 10 dollars and there’s no point in depositing a low amount in my account. I don’t know how I’m going to complete this. ( . _ .)

take a picture
outside is the best background

I gave my boyfriend three pictures for our 7th month anniversary.

complete my todo list
Complete !

I have nothing left for me to do for myself. All I have now is things to do for my Kareshi. ( ^ _ ^)

paint my nails
Use the color wheel to help choose the best color for you

My skin is brown so my complementary and sub-complementary colors are Green, Blue, and Purple. I painted my nails sky blue.

Find my Nintendo DSi charger
I dont use it often

At least I know were it is now, for future uses.

take my vitamins
Leaving a reminder helped

43things and changing my alarm name to “Take Vitamins” were reminders to take my vitamins. I haven’t seen any change since taking vitamins but I’m sure they’re good for me.

go to a concert
SMTOWN (Can't go)

I would love to see Super Junior in 2 weeks in LA, but I don’t have transportation at the moment, nor do I have 330 dollars. This is heartbreaking but hopefully I’ll be able to see some other singer/group some other time when I have the money and transportation.

wear sunscreen
More than once

I’ve only worn sunscreen once since I added this goal. I don’t leave the house much, but I would like to remember to put sunscreen on when I do leave the house.

Level up to 120 on maplestory
So far so good.

I finally got my account working and I started as a DemonSlayer. I’m currently level 18. This goal shouldn’t be too hard, especially how leveling is easier because of Big Bang.



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