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Goal: be able to wear Ty Lee's costume without shame!

Because of the instability in my life (along with other factors…) I haven’t been eating as well as I have in the past. The sudden change in diet has added at least 5lbs, maybe as many as 15lbs. I still LOOK okay, but let’s be honest. I want to look great! ^^

I want to wake up earlier every morning so I can run/jog/walk/stagger down to the river and back, and do 5 push ups and 10 sit ups. I’ll increase my work out as I get stronger.

develop tidier habits
Shielf yourself!

This won’t be pretty, but keep in mind that despite my gross habits, I’m really not a gross person!

Things that this includes:

☆ take a shower every day instead of every “when-I-remember”day
☆ do dishes BEFORE they start to pile up and grow
☆ keep my floor visible
☆ do laundry AT LEAST twice a month instead of avoiding it and wearing clothes that don’t fit so I can put it off one more day
☆ throw things out that I don’t need instead of collecting them (because I know deep down I’ll never use them)
☆ take out the garbage AT LEAST once a week instead of waiting until it starts to smell
☆ use my closets
☆ throw away those weird little things that accumulate like wads of hair from my hairbrush and the pills of wool from my sweaters
☆ use the bedroom for sleeping and working, not eating, so dishes and boxes of crackers won’t accumulate in odd places

buy a new wallet (read all 2 entries…)
It's got a kitty on it! ♥

I kept loosing things like change and business cards while I was on a trip to San Diego over the summer, and on the last day of a convention I found an adorable wallet that was just right for me. I’ve been really good about keeping things in it instead of just tossing them in my pockets or my bag, and I think it’s helped me stay organized! It also makes me FEEL more organized, even if I’m not… ^^;

read 100 books in 2006 (read all 9 entries…)

I stopped keeping track after a while… :(

stop sleeping through class (read all 2 entries…)

It took more than 5 alarms and a very insistant roommate, but I didn’t miss any more classes this term! W00t.

stop sleeping through class (read all 2 entries…)
to clarify...

I don’t mean falling sleep while the professor is talking. I mean rolling over and hitting the snooze button again and again and again until you realize it’s 11:30 and class ended over an hour ago.

Learn a third language
Choices choices choices....

English is my first, Japanese is my second…

I’m thinking Russian, because of my heratage, but then again Spanish is more useful for an American, but French is spoken in so many countries I want to travel to, but if I want a language that is marketable maybe Chinese would be best, but Korean might be easier, but the romance of Italian… and the history of Greek… and as a Jew I really ought to learn Hebrew….

::sobs:: Maybe I should just learn a programing language instead…. (T_T)

get a passport

Did you know that in the next few years (can’t remember the exact date) Americans will need a passport to travel to Canada or Mexico? I don’t mean you live in LA and fly to Toronto. I mean you live in Seattle and take a day trip to Vancouver.

So do it! Do it now!

read 100 books in 2006 (read all 9 entries…)
Catching up...

9) The Gunslinger
10) The Drawing of the Three
11) The Wastelands
12) Lovely Bones
13) Hidden Warrior
14) The Bone Doll’s Twin
15) A Man of No Talents
16) Inkheart
17) Naomi

Some people may carp at me for re-entering the Dark Tower series, but I’m doing this more to keep track of the volume of books read (no pun intended I SWEAR) than the different books I read.

12) Lovely Bones is one of my mother’s books. One that I like to call an Oprah book (was it ever on Oprah’s booklist?). It’s one of those books that is all about the “modern woman” and the how a “young woman grows into her own” and blah blah blah. Just the same, it’s a fun story to read, since it’s part murder mystery and part “Oprah.”

13) I love this series! Boy is actually a girl, who has to overthrow her cousin the king and save her country. As a friend put it once, “gender-bending at its finest.” Highly entertaining and if you’re willing to look there’s even a bit of political commentary in there. Or maybe I’m just looking for an excuse to kick Bush out…. ;3

14) Same as above. I read them out of order, since I’ve read “Twin” more times than I’ve read “Warrior,” and once I’ve read the second one I have to read the first one again.

15) I read this short and powerful book over vacation in preparation for my Japanese History class this term. It’s wonderful, and I recommend it to anybody, especially anybody who thinks they know what Japan is. It’s the memoir of a man who, essentially, can’t live within society. Having worked that out he does an excellent job of living without society. I laughed and cried and got angry. The whole nine yards.

16) Bwahahaha, I love conning books out of my mom! I’ve been doing it since I was like 6 and I’m still “da champeen.” “Ooh, mommy, lookit! I haven’t read this one! Please, can I get it? Please? I promise to do all my school reading first, I SUH-WHERE!!” (I’d like to remind you that I’m almost 21, and I said those exact words one week ago.) Children’s Lit is my guilty pleasure. This is a delightful read for anybody who loves books. I assume that’s everybody here. It’s about a book coming to life, and while that sounds like so much fun to many of us, the probable reality of it is dealt with in a much more serious and realistic tone.

17) I loved reading the book, but I hated the book itself. Does that make any sense? It’s worth reading, but I personally don’t enjoy books where everybody is despicable, and all the likable people vanish after a while. Unfortunately Tanizaki, that tricky bastard, had me going until the very end. “No, really! It’ll all be okay in the end! See, she’s reformed? See, he’s moved on? See, it’s all okay? PSYCHE!” I felt so cheated at the end….

A new term has started and my textbooks are pretty slim, so there’ll be a bunch of dry things to put up here soon. Piffle…

Dress Gothic Lolita

I’ve become totally enamoured of this style. I think it’s compensating for the first 12 years of my life, since I dressed in boys clothes all the time.

I’ve bought a few magazines, but without a sewing machine and time I’ve been sticking to ebay. I’ve also been designing, but that’s mostly for my doodles. I will share the doodles, though, to see what you guys think.

Oh, and I tend to go more Loli than Goth. A friend of mine is more Goth than Loli, so we kinda balance each other out. Or something. ;3

One last thing… I’m looking for some good fabrics with large Victorian patterns. I’ve been trawling some sites, but it takes so long. I was wondering if any of you had a certain place you liked to buy from.

be more tidy (read all 2 entries…)

I fail…. (;_;) My room is a total mess! Waaah! Things have just been so crazy that I haven’t had time to clean up properly. :< I haven’t given up, but man-oh-man this is gonna be one HELL of a goal to try to keep!

define my own style (read all 3 entries…)
Things I would kill for.... (jk)

I’ve decided I need to be more daring. I want to put bows on all my clothes, and curl my hair, and wear dresses and skirts and things that are pretty and make me feel pretty.

Vivienne Westwood, Anthropologie, Metamorphose, h. Naoto, Putumayo, Angelic Pretty….. I WANT CLOTHES! XD

tell him how I feel (read all 3 entries…)
..........DID I REALLY JUST SAY THAT!?!?!?

So…. I did it. Gave him V-day candies and said “Wanna go out sometime?”

Shot down.

Said it’d be fun to go out with people, but not really interested in dating.

Nonetheless, it’s good to get that off my chest so I can kinda move on. Good luck to the rest of you! Here’s hoping things will go better for you than it did for me.

become a regular at a small local restaurant (read all 2 entries…)

I found a few places, thanks to the Eugene Weekly and other random free papers. I’d like to check these places out, but I’d really like to do it with somebody else. If you’re interested in joining me and doing it as a team, let me know! ♥

“The Vintage” – 837 Lincoln St—Sounds like a cool place.
“Cafe Sienna” – On Campus—Breakfast anytime! I go there a lot, but I’m not a regular yet. ;3
“The Dog House Restaurant” – 195 E 17th—Cheap. All the ones from here down are just ones I picked out of the CHOW!! insert because they’re cheap and look kinda good.
“Muddy Puddle Cafe” – 151 W 7th Suite 105
“Perugino” – 767 Willamette—Went here on a date once. REALLY liked it. Should go back….
“Cityview Deli” – 45 E 8th—Also went here on a date. Also really liked it… Should go more often….
“The Village Idiot” – 980 Oak St—Sorry, but with a name like that I’ve GOT to go!!
“Sunnyside Up” – 116 NW 3rd St

help 43 Things win the SXSW People's Choice award
Jumpin' on the bandwagon

Put in my two cents, or my daily click. Whatever. Go us! <3

make a budget of monthly expenses
Again with the mother....

To recap my money situation, for those not familiar with it: I have a large amount of money from my grandmother to pay for school and other expenses related to school, namely my living expenses while I’m in school and maintaining good grades. The living expenses cover an apartment (nothing extravagent) and food etc. When I was 18 all the money was transfered into my control, but because I wasn’t sure I could manage all that money responsibly I asked that my mother be a cosigner, so whenever I need money I have to go through her.

When I moved into this apartment my mother and I agreed on the sum of $485 per month for rent, food and utilities. On paper, it SHOULD work. Realistically, it doesn’t. Laundry, deposits, maintainance for the apartment adds to that cost.

So now I need to make an itemized list of expenses and turn it over to my mom so I can get enough money to pay for all this…. It shouldn’t be too hard, but it needs to get done. Hence putting it up as a goal here. Wish me luck…

read 100 books in 2006 (read all 9 entries…)
8) Animal Farm

I’ve been neglecting this book for years. Hell, even my little sister read this book before I did!

It’s frightening to see the similarities between Animal Farm and our own modern situation in America now. It’s tragic, really, how many people fail to see the similarities.

This is what I get for living with a Poli-Sci major… Everything becomes politicized… XD

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
Giving this thing a try...

I’ve seen a lot of people doing this, and it seems like it’s worth doing.

1) Walking to class on time on cold clear mornings
2) Giving presents that make people happy
3) Cats
4) Finding forgotten and/or underrated treasures
5) Blooming flowers
6) Learning something because I want to, not because I had to
7) Cinnamon toast on cold days
8) Drinking a cup of tea in my pajamas after getting stuck in the rain
9) Reading
10) Sharing friendly conversation with a stranger
11) Being complimented on something I worked really hard on
12) Getting dressed up when it’s not a special occasion

read 100 books in 2006 (read all 9 entries…)
Sorry for the spam...

Just finished some readings for class… I read a small novel and a seletion of short stories, so I’m counting it as a book.

7) “Child’s Play” by Higuchi Ichiyou

I love this! So bittersweet, though.

read 100 books in 2006 (read all 9 entries…)

Forgot to update for a while…

3) “The Wastelands; The Dark Tower III
4) “Wizard in the Glass; The Dark Tower IV”
5) “Lost Japan”
6) “The Nanny Diaries”

Wizard in the Glass was kinda meh. I liked having the background story, but little Roland isn’t NEARLY as cool as big Roland.

Lost Japan is really interesting, and I recommend it to anybody who has ever traveled or has any interest in Japan whatever.

Nanny Diaries has thoroughly scared me away from EVER working as a nanny. It’s an interesting and thought-provoking book, and it’s an insightful commentary into modern values. That sounds pompous, but that’s what I think anyway.

In progress – Nansou Satomi Hakkenden volume 1 (in Japanese, so it’ll take me FOREVER) and The Redemption of Althalus for the like 20th time.

I’m so far behind…. (T_T)

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