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Be a Ski/Snowboard Patrol
Became a Canadian Ski Patrol.

It would be one of the most rewarding experiences given that you have to be a snow sport enthusiastic person and enjoy helping people.

I’ve became a Ski Patrol through the Canadian Ski Patrol System (google CSPS).

After 80+ HRs of First Aid Training, then on-snow training, I was certified to be a Ski Patrol on Snowboard.

I volunteered at Blue Mt Ski Resort, Ontario, Canada as a weekend patroller. They pretty much give you a season pass for free plus employee discounts in stores and restaurants in the resort.

The entire hill is like my big play ground and you realized that so much more are happening on the hill being a Ski Patrol that you’d have never experienced when just being a guest.

Not to mention about meeting great people and weekend parties.

I’ll do it again next season!

P.S… you do need to be a good skier or snowboard before being a Ski Patrol. Those are not part of the training and some people do signed up and thought people would teach them how to ski/snowboard… No… that’s not how it works.

ride a motorcycle

Motorcyclists sort of have their own “cult”. They’re all passionate people who shares the wishes of riding the wind and freedom to explores every part of the world on two wheels. We salute each others on the road.

Whether you a ride speed racer bike, time machine cruisers, sport touring, vintage cafe racer… etc… bikers don’t discriminate bikers… unlike those rich people in expensive sport cars.

Being a machine enthusiast plus adventure rider. I felt gladded that I have picked up this sport. No matter it’s for daily commute or adventures, life on two wheels is always fun.


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