Ask Avril Lavigne a question
Yeah, mee too

Yeah, I wanna ask her a question. “Do you and my mom want to join forces, become the posers united, and take over the damn brainwashed world?!”

live in America
America is a HellHole!

I moved to this damn country 5 years ago but I hate it here!!! Its not what it sounds. Land of the free? WTF?! Where? There is no freedom here. I want to go back to my country crys brains out

Stop playing NeoPets
Finally I understand of this free time you speek of!

It was soooo hard to quit neopets, I thought I would never do it but i did. When I missed the avatar from the maraquan plot I got pissed and just stopped playing. I’m glad I did because now I have some free time instead of being on Neopets 24/7. Yay for me, now I can actually write my novel!

be sad
REALLY not worth it!

Dont wish you were sad. Trust me, when your sad, you can do things that you will regret for the rest of your life that you ruin.

shop at Hot Topic
Hot Topic cux ass.

I have been there many times and it sux. I men, everytime I look on the site, I find like one or two cool things that I like so I go into Hot Topic to buy them and they NEVER have what I come for. Its really a crappy store with overpriced shit.

get a cool scar
GAH! Scars arent cool!

Scars arent cool! I have so many of them its not even funny! People like you get on my nerves.

visit slovakia
Hell lot of fun... for me

I was born there and go there every year

wear a spiked dog collar

You get so much stares!! Its so fucking funny! but its really hard to yawn with it on…

be feared by all
Not that great...

I am feard by most anyone who happenes to look my way. Well, all the close minded idiots who think that Goths are scary anyways. The people who arent afraid of Goths still fear me bacause of my rep that I live up to. Anyone who lives anywhere near my town knows who I am. At school, I have a steady seet in lunchtime detention, BMC and ISS.

be on "Fear Factor"
I was on fear factor live in FL

IT WAS THE BOMB!!! It was the first time the fear factor live opened in Universal so I went cuz I love that show. Then they asked for volenteers from the audiance so I volenteered to eat or drink something. I had to drink a smoothy of grasshoppers, silkworms, sour milk, mystery sea food, eyeballs and something else. AND I DID IT!!! It tasted like tunna…

learn html
Not worth it.

Learning HTML now is pointless and a waist of time. I know a lot of HTML and let me tell you, theres no point. Everything that used to be done using HTML is now done using programs like Microsoft FrontPage. And if its not done using a probram, its done using a more developed language like CSS or Java but even thoes are old and a waist of time.

Stop cutting
I have to stop!

I have cut for about 1 1/2 years now, but I have Self-injured for as long as I can remember in one way or another. But I really want to stop cutting. I tried last week but it didnt work out too well. On my 4th day without cutting I was such a wreck. I was shaking and breathing was so hard. I couldnt help it and I HAD to cut…



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