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try a pole dancing lesson

I like that other people are adding this goal! :-D

become a realistic optimist (read all 2 entries…)
This is the beginning

I’m reading a great book about great things you can do to let positive psychology influence your way of thinking, and I already can feel a difference. I started reading it because I’m having a rough time and the way I looked at things today was way more positive than usual.
Also one of the things it says in the book, is to take 20 minutes a day to write about the dreams and desires you have for any aspect of your life and narrate them as if they were happening. So I’m going to do this. May be best when I get up in the morning, to start my day in a good mood.

become able to trust my boyfriend

Since he has never showed me any reason not to trust him, unlike other men in my life! Truly, it’s more a matter of getting rid of these annoying little thoughts that destroy the initial trust.

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