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read fifty books in a year (read all 4 entries…)

Finished reading Lucky by Alice Sebold. It’s my first book on my 50 Books list. Review coming soon!!

read fifty books in a year (read all 4 entries…)
Added this to my resolutions this year

I only read three or four non college related books last year! Sad! I’ve already revised my list from last year and copied it into the back of my planner. No more going to the bookstore and coming home empty handed or loaded down with just textbooks. Since I have a list I should be able to complete this or at least come really close.

move out of my hometown

So, I’ve made a decision. By the end of January 2009, I will be living in Houston, TX. Yea, yea. Austin is an amazing city but baby steps, ok? There is no way I’m moving to ATX with $4 in my savings account and $20 in my pocket (yes, it’s that serious. lol). So, I’m headed to Houston where I have prospects on a great job so that I can save up and get my things together. I need to find a college to transfer to before mid January. I have one year of school left and as much as I’d love to just take a break and get a real job, I have to finish school. But for now, I have to go finish packing my bookshelves.

ETA: ya know, the more I think about moving the more excited I am to get out of here. :) B is my home town and I’ve been here for a loooong time. There are good memories and people that I’m gonna have to call every day because I will be missing them like crazy but…I’m so glad to go. B is just….its a slow town. I’m not feeling slow at this point in my life. I need action and I’m not getting it here. Its a little sad to walk through the house and see the boxes piling up, but better now than later.

And seriously, I’m only a few hours away from anything and anyone I could miss. Its nothing to drive.

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