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  1. 1. Save $20.000
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  2. 2. Save $10,000
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  3. 3. put myself first
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  4. 4. Save $25,000
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  5. 5. go bald
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  6. 6. Save $50,000
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  7. 7. Save money
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  8. 8. be more frugal
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  9. 9. Strength train
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How I did it
How to save $5000
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4 months
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Moderately pleased

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Save $10,000 (read all 4 entries…)
So close!

I’m up to $7000. Got a lot of overtime hours last week, which certainly helped. It’s adding up quicker than I expected. Living frugally is helping too, though it’s hardly pleasant!

Run a mile in 11 minutes
Not too hard.

I’ve kept myself in reasonable shape all my life. Army life definitely helped. My fastest time for 1.5 miles was 8 minutes 40 seconds, about 2 years ago. Doubt I could manage that now though!

Strength train

I trained hard and heavy for about 6 months last year. Got up to 210lbs thanks to a high calorie diet packed with protein and carbohydrates.

Feels great to be strong. Gives you power and self-confidence, not to mention health benefits, provided you don’t take anabolics.

The hard part is keeping it up. Diet is key, without a solid diet- religiously followed each day- it will be hard to make and maintain strength gains and mass.

I lost a lot of muscle in the last few months from stopping training.
My advice: If you’re gonna do it, stick to it long term- or you’re just wasting your time, effort and money.

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