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  1. 1. Find a good old-fashioned pen-pal
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  2. 2. move out of my parents' house
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  3. 3. read every book I own
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  4. 4. respond not react
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  5. 5. lose weight
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  6. 6. Take an OU course
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  7. 7. create
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  8. 8. Do a carboot sale
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Recent entries
Do a carboot sale

Got too much stuff + not got enough money = carboot!

read every book I own (read all 2 entries…)

It’s actually going well, have finished quite a few. Now if I could just stop buying more books I might actually complete this ‘Thing’ one day….

Take an OU course
One down, two to go....

First and foremost I decided which course I wanted to take, all that is left now is to apply, and be accepted!

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