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Forget Soccer Moms

If we see, that a person is not evolving, perhaps he is in a state where all he cares about is soccer, going to the bar and just his friends, or whatever. Perhaps he’s not evolving because he’s already given up on evolution and that’s why he doesn’t want to learn it. That’s why he doesn’t want anything in life. He agrees to something life compels him to do, to go and do something in which he doesn’t have a choice, only to live. So superficially you can’t say about a person that his will to receive is still developing and he is at the level of an ordinary worker, or that he hasn’t activated his mind more than that, or maybe he’s already given up on all those big things, and is already at the level of the worker. He just carries on in life.

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The Desire For Spirituality

As children, many people ask themselves, “What am I living for?” But as the years go by, we are inundated by desires and temptations that divert us from this question, and the need to find a genuine answer withers away.

Moreover, many people are frustrated because they have not yet realized that the desire for spirituality has awakened in them. They are unaware that this is the reason for their dissatisfaction and discontentment. The inability to fulfill the desire for spirituality evokes sensations of helplessness, desperation, frustration and purposelessness of life. This is the main reason for the ongoing increase in drug and alcohol abuse, as well as other means of escape from reality.

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Find my purpose in life (read all 11 entries…)
A Hug Is All What We Need

Like-minded people who ask themselves “What do I live for? ” gather in groups all over the world.

People are all different. Remembering the goal helps work out differences. Sometimes it seems that the first and last requirement ”Love your friend as yourself” is impossible to perform.

Won’t we start with a hug?

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