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  1. 1. build furniture
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  2. 2. learn how to surf
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  3. 3. Get rid of all the things that don't make me happy
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  4. 4. take more pictures...better pictures
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  5. 5. take more risks
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  6. 6. Talk more to my friends
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  7. 7. talk to my family more
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  8. 8. Start my own business
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  9. 9. finish grad school
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  10. 10. do yoga
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  11. 11. drive cross-country in a convertible
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  12. 12. be green
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  13. 13. be a good boss
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  14. 14. be mindful
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  15. 15. finish school
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  16. 16. furniture
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Recent entries
build my own furniture
Just finished my second end table

It was a great way to spend time with my dad. I traveled home for a week last year and we made an end table out of solid american walnut. The design for it was inspired by a very high-end furniture company ( based out of NYC. It turned out well and we learned a lot.

This year, we stepped it up a notch. We used macassar ebony and mdf. I just finished putting it together and it looks amazing.

It was great to build something. It was great to spend time working with my dad. I get both great memories, a piece of art, a place to keep my stuff, and the pride of making it happen.

Thanks dad!


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