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100 things that make me happy
All make me Very happy!

1. My daughter
2. chocolate
3. Getting to read good books
4. Driving with the windows down.(I don’t do it anymore because gas is too expensive, but I love it!)
5. Rainbows, and rain, and mist!
6. knowing the answer
7. that natural high you get when you run past your limits into euphoria!
8. looking down on the earth and the clowds when in flight
9. The ocean, the beach, sailing, surfing, sand

backpack europe
and travel the world, with my Dear Sweet Pea, improving and helping our earth, and people, and animals

I just want to see it all. Dance, taste, and wring it all from life, while helping all.

create art
i do it with photography,and home projects, but I need much more!

I want to dance, and sing, and paint(everything in the house), and memorize poetry!

Here is some of what I have done. I must do more!

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