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drink less coffee
Last 3 months

I was very regular about coffee.
I had not much work on one day at work.
I decided not to have coffee onthat day.
Since then I have regularly avoided coffee and eliminated need for the same on daily base.

buy a car
I bought a nice big car

It’s very good feeling after buying.
I can go anywhere any time.

Lead myself
Find out my strength

I can find out my strength and weakness when I am going to lead myself. I can use my strength and remove the weakness.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
My List

1. Listening nice music
2. Discovering new theories.

Use Internet Wisely
Declarations & Patterns

I should define definite goals, what I should use Internet for.
Some type of declarations would be necessary, because there are lots of things and new things will come daily. I Should also establish better pattern for Internet use. There are lots of things, which may be useful for me that I haven’t touched. I like to make the best use of Internet, as it is a valuable tool and one of my most important tool.

Get organized (read all 2 entries…)
I like to get organized

There are many things that might come in my way of getting organized. What are the possible road blocks?

Which are the different organizing tools you use?

Learn Ruby (read all 5 entries…)
Much More to Learn

Reading the pick-axe book and reading chapter 7 (Expressions) currently. Being good at Perl, I have devleoped so much interest in the detail that I don’t like to miss anything.

I have also touched briefly Ruby on Rails and installed a successful application, but I should learn more about MVC model first, so that I can use it in my existing project.

Learning programming language is like learning a foreign language, as seen here – It means, that I have puts years of effort on mastering Perl for say, and I will have to put that type of effort for Ruby. So I guess, it is going to take another month or so, before I can learn ruby very well.

Another concept: Just like a programming language, any thing can have so many features that can take months to learn, including people, things, places and events. It also means that I can learn them given resources to learn.

Learn Ruby (read all 5 entries…)
Code Structures

I am definitely impressed by a great concept, studying Ruby has introduced to me, “code structures”. There are many different types of object passing mechanism in Ruby. One can really be very good at language by properly employing the code structures in right fashion. It can also help you to understand written programs relatively quickly. It’s like able to understand complex grammer of the sentences and understand what the person has to say.

I generalize the fact that structure exists for almost everything in the world. If you study the structures, you can program many things, relatively easily including achieving complex goals.

Learn Ruby (read all 5 entries…)
Development and Next Steps

I am currently developing a work project in Ruby.
Reading book about it at the same time helps a lot. I am able to use lots of new things I have learn from the books/online materials in my new project. It’s not just Perl Converted Ruby code. I have to continue reading the book.

It also got me interested in developing data relations among my objects. Installed FreeRide and DBDesigner.

The code looks nice with Eclipse / FreeRide, sperating all objects and methods.

I will install Apache, FastCGI, Ruby on Rails on my Windows Machine.

learn photoshop (read all 3 entries…)
Layers Learning

Many people have been saying Layers are everything in Photoshop.
That is the next thing on my list.

I would be looking for Layers-Library. That would be equivalent to Programming Libraries.

I also like to know if there are macros defined for the effects.

stop procrastinating (read all 3 entries…)
Build Foundations

Procrastination happens because sometimes, there is no platform to carry out the tasks properly. If I build proper foundations, I can easily carry out tasks. Here foundations are structures which can provide the flow of things easily.

stop procrastinating (read all 3 entries…)
Higher Goal

May be we need some higher goal to become motivated and do the things. So, I am going to convert my smaller goals into larger goals.

drink more water
Water, Every Hour

I am now drinking water at every o’clock. I have this reminder utility on my computer called StickyPad. ( So I drink water and then set the reminder for “in 1 hour”. That reminds me every hour.

learn photoshop (read all 3 entries…)
Learning with Book

Learn Photoshop Visually book is really good. I go step by step and have learned many things in few hours. I had this book from last 2 years and now I am making real use of it.

stop procrastinating (read all 3 entries…)
Building the Skillset

I am thinking of building a list of the skills I have and then practice those skills. So, I can add something more to that list easily and have fun too.

I enjoy learning other things this way, including programming or designing.

Advantage: not only I can finish the task, I can learn soemthing for the future that can increase my confidence to do more things.

Get organized (read all 2 entries…)
Where this item goes

I have to figure out, where each item goes. So if every item has its place, I won’t need to do much.

I should also establish the ‘place-cycle’ ie.. How an item goes from place A to B to C and then back to A.

For example, Shirt =
Laundary Basket..
Washed Basket..
Iron Table..

learn photoshop (read all 3 entries…)
Study Plan

I have Teach Yourself Visually book for Photoshop. I think that I can go step by step. Is it better compared to tutorials?
I just played a sample video and looks cool too.

I like to know, what should be my goal with Photoshop.

Learn Ruby (read all 5 entries…)
Ruby Learning Steps

I have done good amount of programming and now learning Ruby.
I like to know what should be my steps towards mastery.

Also like to know, visual aids for learning ruby including any slides, lectures, audio or video. Some form of material besides the standard books, so that I can see the same thing in new ways, which can help to understand the fundamentals better.

Also like to know, how I can make PDF files, Excel Files etc.. in Ruby from Unix Platform. And framework for Ruby /Web development so I can convert my existing Perl code to Ruby.

Also like to know if there is any Ruby to Perl converter, or Ruby Parser program in general (I know vice-versa would be a very difficult task).

Also like to know who are the best people for Ruby language, who knows ins & outs of Ruby and are relatively free to promote the knowledge of Ruby.

Also like to know which would be worth program, writing in Ruby,which would be relatively difficult in Perl.

Also like to know, what I can do daily to learn Ruby Progressively. My goal is to be a reasoanble Ruby expert in the long period of run.

Learn Ruby (read all 5 entries…)
Ruby and OO Thinking

What object-oriented programming does is to let us delegate most of the mundane and repetitive logical work to the data itself; it changes our concept of data from passive to active. Put another way,

  • We stop treating each piece of data as a box with an open lid that lets us reach in and throw things around.
  • We start treating each piece of data as a working machine with a closed lid and a few well-marked switches and dials.

What is described above as a “machine” may be very simple or complex on the inside; we can’t tell from the outside, and we don’t allow ourselves to open the machine up (except when we are absolutely sure something is wrong with its design), so we are required to do things like flip the switches and read the dials to interact with the data. Once the machine is built, we don’t want to have to think about how it operates.

Change Activity Every Hour (read all 2 entries…)
Should be prepare for certain hour

Changing activity is good for making mind fresh.

Prepare for a topic hour is even giving better focus in some cases. Especially when you have to go in meeting or reply or do certain task, or for certaine events, etc..

Sample hours:
Before sleep
Watching Moveie (Decide perspectives)
Company Meeting (Ready with agenda and work done and work to be done)
Walking ( Where to walk etc, what to do)..

ie.. Focus is on making that hour more meaningful.

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