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Get 40 people to sign up for the Nickel and Brass Septet Debut CD Club
Off to a good start

10 memberships sold on the first day!



tell more people about Tuning the Air (read all 2 entries…)
Tuning the Air - Winter/Spring 2007 Season

The Officialish Season Announcement from Curt:

It’s finally Springtime in the Northwest.

Greetings from Tuning the Air! Our THIRD SEASON season is well under way. As always, our audiences have been terrific. New Music is springing up all the time, while the old favorites continue to sing for us. If you haven’t visited us lately, this would be a great time.

In addition, the Weekly Workshop is back. Whether you are a seasoned musician, new to the guitar, or some place in between; whether you are interested in studying this approach to music, or all you wish for is a taste of the circle experience; you are invited to take part in this weekly circle, directed by Tuning the Air performer, Igor Abuladze, assisted by other members of the company. Details at http://www.tuningtheair.com/tta/?q=node/364

Tuning the Air – Winter/Spring 2007
Mondays at 8pm, through July 2, 2007
Doors at 7:45, $7 suggested donation
6512 23rd Ave NW in the north annex of the Trinity Methodist Church
Directions: http://www.tuningtheair.com/tta/?q=node/3

Read the Harry Potter books
My Harry Potter Summer Break plan

I’m going to spend my summer with Harry. I’ve never read any of the books, but with the last one coming out this summer I think it would be fun to marathon the first 6 in time for the release. Like shotgunning a Harry tall-boy. Or something.

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