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Blog every day in November
So far, so good.

I’ve only missed one day blogging during the move. I committed to this at the beginning of the month because i knew that with everything going on in my life this month, I was apt to ignore the blog altogether. I’ve built a nice little thing over there on ( and I didn’t want it to die from neglect. Instead, some very interesting things are happening, since I’m writing mostly from exhaustion. That’s ONE way to get around the Internal (Infernal?) Editor!

Make and maintain habits to keep sciatica AWAY (read all 7 entries…)

Well, I’ve done well but the stress of moving and packing and fixing up the new place is telling. I went to the chiro this week and he was able to help some—and 24 hours later, I was feeling it again.

One of the habits I need is to honor my body’s messages that it has had enough. It’s just hard to do that when there’s so much to do.

move (read all 2 entries…)
I'm moving!

The big truck rolls on Tuesday morning.

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