It is a good day.

learn dancing

I can’t wait to take classes on dancing at college this fall! It will be the first time I’ve ever been able to afford them and dancing has been a passion of mine since elementary school.

run a six minute mile

Its been a while since I’ve trained (about a month maybe)? I was running a mile every other weekday and doing weights on the other days but since the weather got bad I slacked off. I ran a mile last week in 8;43 seconds, which isn’t really fast or really slow for a female. 6:00 might seem like a long shot right now but I think if I trained a little more urgently with a timer I could do it.

go to college
It depends on circumstances

Being a senior in high school, I’ve learned a lot about how the college system works. I had, for much of my high school career, above a 4.0, because I was part of the IB program. That said I come from a low income family. So when I was accepted to my top pick colleges I couldn’t just accept them because I didn’t really have the money, but there is a local college I could go to.

I want to dream and go out like anyone else does, but sometimes circumstance dictates when we reach our goals, but not IF we reach our goals. I’m going to get a job to eventually experience life in the city; however, for now, I’m going to appreciate whatever education I start out with. I’ll have my family here and security.

see more plays

My high school has a drama club which gets tickets to plays for lower prices around town. I really should start going more.

Local theater is a great thing.

Become a model

I should just resolve to get over my fear of driving and get my license already so I can take my self to the photo shoots…and I need to get in shape.

Turns out the only one who can hold you from your dreams is yourself.

drink more water

Of course, this is something one has to keep up but I’ve found that the best way to do it is bring a one liter bottle of water to school or work. Drink it constantly when one is bored. It is easy that way.



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