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  1. 1. Visit Asia
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  2. 2. do my laundry
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  3. 3. Tidy my home and keep it tidy
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  4. 4. Finish my website
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  5. 5. live in the moment
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  6. 6. ebay
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  7. 7. play a sport
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  8. 8. learn PHP
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  9. 9. go to Puerto Rico
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  10. 10. Save $1000
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  11. 11. live sybaritically
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  12. 12. Explore Everglades National Park
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  13. 13. leave my city once a month, leave my country once a year
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  14. 14. be a tourist in my own town
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  15. 15. eat breakfast
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  16. 16. alchol
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go to Puerto Rico
Going to San Juan In Puerto Rico

I am hoping to go later in the year if I can get a cheap flight,
as it is so close to where I am living now. Plus I have nearly finished a small website all about flying from Fort Lauderdale to San Juan and I would like to add some information from my own personal experiences.

Finish my website (read all 5 entries…)
Side tracked again :)

Well with the christmas rush starting this realy went to the back of the list. And i have now found the joy of coding in PHP now that way i dont have to revamp each page each time i make a change hopefully i can still finish up the site Fort Lauderdale To Miami before years end.

play a sport
Getting back in to it

I need to start doing this again a couple of years ago I got a job behind a desk and stoped playing sports as I got so busy. funny thing is its a sports orientated company :) I just added a simple site called Sports News College
Just for fun and it reminded me how little I’m actualy doing when it comes to playing sports now.

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