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Marry A Native American
Im a Single Native American

single and willing to marry tomorrow

participate in a peyote ceremony
Come with me!!

Everytime I get a chance to go home, I always attend a ceremony. I have been looking for people to attend these ceremonies with. It is a wonderful and powerful ceremony. Recently I have been looking for people that live near Yuma, AZ (thats where Im stationed) who use peyote and host ceremonies, so I can attend them here closer and not having to drive all the way up to Navajo Land to particiapate in one. If interested. please contact me at

try peyote
I been using peyote my whole life

I was raised traditionally and brought up in the Native American Church where peyote is used. I strongly encourage non native to experience this amazing medicine so that they, you can have a more, better and respectful understanding of why it is used. But I do not support disrespecting my culture and teachings by allowing people to abuse this sacred way of life. It is not intended for recreational abuse.

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