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  1. 1. live in melbourne
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    36 people
  2. 2. own a beach house
    298 people
  3. 3. play live
    7 people
  4. 4. give a concert
    9 people
  5. 5. play the piano
    1,203 people
  6. 6. go to a collective soul concert
    0 people
  7. 7. Read more
    9,077 people
  8. 8. invent something that people can't live without
    2 people
  9. 9. be remembered for something important
    5 people
  10. 10. learn magic
    514 people
  11. 11. be more healthy
    277 people
  12. 12. Loose Weight... A lot of weight...
    109 people
  13. 13. be a millionaire
    793 people
  14. 14. live in Paris
    949 people
  15. 15. own a yacht
    122 people
  16. 16. Learn to fly
    2,290 people
  17. 17. drive a formula 1 car
    45 people
  18. 18. not have to worry about money
    256 people
  19. 19. buy my dream car
    87 people
  20. 20. always be happy
    111 people
  21. 21. travel more
    3,253 people
  22. 22. learn telekinesis
    1,163 people
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become an architect

Im finally graduating next month!

see The Smashing Pumpkins live

I live in Costa Rica, and they finaly came to play here a month ago.
They didnt play much because it was on a music festival, but when they played the old songs, WOW!! Cherub Rock sounds amazing in concert

live in melbourne
Looks amazing

I live in Costa Rica, and have been here my entire life.
Im finishing my studies in architecture, and i have been searching for a place to do my master. My girlfriend mentioned me about Australia, she is looking for a master in architecture too, and i started searching places in Australia, till finaly got to see Melbourne, i got overwhelmed!!! Looks like an amazing city, a greate mix between history and modern city, greate development, Docklands looks like it was designed for me, jajajaja, love the australian open, love de australian grand prix, everything around Yarra river looks really cool, Albert park soroundings looks nice, i havent been there yet, but pictures i have found on internet have helped alot to make the decision. Universtity of Melbourne looks like very good quality, and the city has been voted the best city to leave in the world 3 times.
I enjoy cold weather and hot weather, Melbourne have them both, I love skiing, so i have to travel a lot to be able to find snow, in Melbourne you are very close from many ressorts, its close to other places that i always wanted to go like New Zeland, Fiji, and other pacific islands, its a few steps closer than my country, to other places that i also wanted to go like Thailand, India, even South Africa


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