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Migrate to Aperture
Apple Aperture

After lots of research, I’ve decided to migrate all my digital photos to Apple Aperture. But first I need to get a new MacBook Pro. The old G4 is too slow.

bike a century
Tour de Whidbey

Today I started training for the Tour de Whidbey. It’s a century ride at the end of September. I can already comfortably do 30 miles. Next I have to lay out a schedule. I’m told it takes about 8 weeks to prep. Reading all the Lance news lately was sobering. According the the NYTs, that guy was in better shape (VO2 max) after cancer treatment than I would be after months of training. Ah, genes!

cancel cable TV
Television protest

For the summer, I decided to turn off the TV. Well, not totally. I’ll still watch Netflix DVDs but cable TV has been canceled. The funny part of this is that I’m actually paying more monthly than if I kept my cable TV. I have my internet access through Comcast. They give you a $10 discount if you subscribe to additional services. I subscribed for basic cable for $13 bucks per month. That means I was only really only paying $3 per month for it. When I called to cancel, they said, “Mr. Gregov, how about we lower your monthly cable subscription to $8 dollars? Then you would pay even less than you do today for your overall Comcast service….” My first thought was, “why the heck didn’t you offer that price to me in the first place!” But I declined because cable TV is like a bowl of M&M’s—if I see it, I’ll have some. Then I called TiVo to kill my $13 per month subscription. “Well, Mr. Gregov, how about we give you three months of TiVo service for free? You might want to start watching TV again.” OK, fine, I might do the antenna based HDTV thing eventually. But for now, the TiVo is officially turned off too. So far, so good.

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