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  1. 1. get a job
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  2. 2. eat healthier
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  3. 3. Exercise six days a week
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  4. 4. Get a MacBook Pro
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  5. 5. Go on a road trip
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  6. 6. get married
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  7. 7. visit europe
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  8. 8. pay off my debt
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  9. 9. get my own place
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  10. 10. Go to Disneyland
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  11. 11. be more outgoing
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get my own place
Currently with the parentals

So ready to move on with my life and get my own place! While I love my family I am really ready to be more independent!

Go to Disneyland
Oh how I miss it

I have always been an avid Disneyland fanatic! I had an annual pass for the past three years and it expired in Nov 2010. I did not renew because I moved to nor cal and knew i would not get the best use out of it. I am now having extreme withdrawals so it is my goal to get there as soon as I have the means to do so!

Exercise six days a week
Week 2

Last week I managed to workout everyday but Thursday which I like giving myself a break in the middle of the week! So we are now on Week 2 and it is Sunday! I plan to do do 45 minutes on the elliptical and then a hardcore weight training session! Woohoo to fitness!

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