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stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)
2m4s regular increase +1s

45s left to go shaking begins
dizziness when done
more difficult when only 1 day is passed between sessions.

resume taking classes at AJS (read all 13 entries…)
maybe tomorrow?

I have a pit in my stomach thinking about calling the doctor. I want/need to pay him back, but the pressure is really about saving face…

its just I feel embarassed, or something… i gained weight, i have not exercised as much as i could’ve… feeling all sorts of apprehensions. i don’t want to run into any other student, because i mostly hate them all.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

struggling which facet should be done. Currently working on 2 currents: 1. martial arts 2. U&EM

started with U&E continued with martial arts.

I should be doing both each day. What makes it difficult is maintaining charge, momentum and enthusiasm throughtout. As phsysical energy depletes, whatever I’m doing suffers.

Completing the whole routing would take about 3-4 hours, if no time is wasted at all. To get to work on time I have to leave at 8. I would have to start no later than 4, and allow no distraction what so ever would be hard. Not going on exploratory tangents within the facet would be even more difficult. Not combining both allows for more freedom in each facet. Constricting myself to a U&E routine is an oxymoron.

U&E early: face, shoulders, neck
2m1s horse stance

I’ve wasted a lot of time between
it was soon time to go

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

seems easier after a 4d break.

Did not care for at least 1m
After that, glanced at the timer.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)
nothing today

i slept in to 6, no time.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

In an attempt to unify HUEY with martial arts in the morning praxis.

started with face, shoulders, neck
ajs10 felt very yummy especially any movements involving the upper upper body (shoulders & above)
1m57s horse stance
4×20 rolls
yang tai chi

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

mid back pain started with 30s left to go
ringing in the ears afterwards
besides that, not an uncomfortable experience.

Develop and refine a Time Accountability method (read all 6 entries…)
started to record what i did in the beginning then slacked off severely

for examle: started the day off with working on
834 samba ( 26m
838 read my email while still working on samba (it is not possible)5m
857 went to the bathroom 4m
908 walked around trying to wake up 3m
913 walked around some more 7m
921 wallowed trying to stay awake 41m

here the recording ends.

i did get more work and nothing done, but there’s no record of it.

ok so i’m working on it.

up until 921 it was pretty accurate and consistent, even though some claims were not quite impossible.

I did not work on samba and read my e-mail
i put samba down for a while and went to read personal email
these actvities can be separated.

if workin on more than one activity at the same time, different journal entries, timers can be used for each.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

hs 1m54s
rolls 4×20
yang tai chi
chen tai chi

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

satisfied with the level of stance; not too high (ensured by the stick on the knees) not too low – appropriate level of pain experienced.

daily increase of 1s is barely enough
after stopping, legs are wobbly
ears ringing

Buy a House (read all 5 entries…)
collecting info

Develop and refine a Time Accountability method (read all 6 entries…)
towards completion of this goal

I shall track time I spend at work.
record everything
hopefully outlook can take it.
yeah those should be private.
yeah right?!

After using this for a week, I will be able to see where I spend time and set other, more specific goals related to time management, procrastination, wasting, idleness, etc…........

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

keeping entertained with yahoo launch cast and the weather channel.

did not start to “care” about time until 15s left to go.

increase the time increase rate.

learn ajax (read all 2 entries…)
begin the begin

where to start? in the beginning. the beginning being the tutorial, i guess, since i don’t know much about it.

operate my brain real good (read all 20 entries…)
last few words on wasting time

whether or not time is wasted is determined by what was set out to do.

so if you’re goofing off in the time you think you’re supposed to be doing work, it must be that having fun or whatever the goofing off is providing you is the goal, and therefore not a waste of time.

Learn Flash (read all 9 entries…)
annoyance with documentation

fl8_learning_as2.pdf, the Learning Actionscript 2.0 in Flash, p103:
Flash would build the following variables (and values) into the root scope:
‘name’: ‘Ben ’ (note space at end of value) ’ Jerry’: ’’ (note space at beginning of variable name and an empty value) ‘flavor’: ‘Half Baked’ To avoid this, you need to escape the ampersand (&) character in the name/value pair with its URL-encoded equivalent (%26).

8. Open the urlvariables.html document, and find the following code: ?myURL= Replace it with the following code: ?myURL=Ben+%26+Jerry&flavor=Half+Baked

9. Save the revised HTML, and test your Flash document again. You see that Flash created the following name/value pairs. ‘name’: ‘Ben & Jerry’
‘flavor’: ‘Half Baked’ NOTE For a list of common URL-encoded special characters, see the Flash TechNote, URL Encoding: Reading special characters from a text file.

that is awkward. does the doc imply the .fla script needs to be modified to accomodate this output?

also the variable passed is myURL, not name!!

I hate when docs and tutorials make far fetched assumptions.
Maybe they just meant that that’s how it works, which makes sense. Either way, it is written very unclearly.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

1m48s horse stance
4×20 rolls
yang tai chi
sweating a lot during tai chi
the scent of the sweat is funky pungent. seems to indicate a detox processes..

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

still seems easy
i wonder if im sitting too low still.
anything higher is excruciatingly painful
i probably just need a mirror to verify
or just face the agony

get the site built (read all 3 entries…)
putting it down but not giving up

other things are more important right now

get up at Five am everyday
its four am actually, and nearly every day

relied on alarm, cats.
i get all the exercise and most of planning done by the time i leave for work.

time alone.

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