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practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

f, ajs10, 1m37s horse stance, 4×20 rolls
that is all I had any incling to do today.
skipped tai chi completely.

jacked off instead.

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

and it was easy this time… 20s left to go, massive shaking. I wonder if L-Glutamine will help with that?

stop procrastinating (read all 5 entries…)
about to give up or mark it as done

because everything that IS DONE has been done AT THE EXPENSE of something else.

If I was going to do homework, but decided that looking at porn is more important, I am merely getting psyched up to do homework.

or instead of fixing the cabinets in the bedroom I rearranged the computers in the living room so that the noisy Linux machine is locked up and away while still accessible over the LAN.

Develop and refine a Time Accountability method (read all 7 entries…)
microsoft outlook

using the journal function to keep track of what I am doing and for how long.

I don’t know how to synchronize them yet.

I have one at work, one at home.

operate my brain real good (read all 20 entries…)
what lurks behind the perceptions of wasting time and procrastination

overwhelm I put off doing whatever I think I am supposed to be doing when it appears to be too big or too difficult. It looks like I just don’t do it, actually I’m trying a different approach, trying to psyche up to do it. Trying to get motivated and excited to do it. Doing some mental planning

The perception that time is being wasted marks a discrepancy between what is being done and what one feels is ought to be done. A bifurcation occurs, an indication of the split between the ideal self and the real self.

I’ve been accounting for my time better, especially in the morning, when the greatest waste would occur. By doing so, I feel I have a choice between wasting time and not. Before, wasting time occured in the past. I would look back and think, damn, I wasted all this time.... boy, I’m tired of all this wasted time… I can’t wait to get Out Of Africa, and stop all these Star Wars… now I allocate some time to do what would be deemed as wasting time (mindless entertainment, for example), and do it with full awareness. Then there seems to be some merit to it.

I will probably mark this goal complete soon and start a new one called “Develop and refine a Time Accountability method”

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)
U & E

This morning the exercise was for undoing and energizing, not for the regular physical fitness, strength, etc…
started with face, progressed to neck & shoulders, then ffc, then about 13 minutes of breathing, meditation… did not really force a mantra. there is a tendency to make the breath match the rhythm of the mantra. It seems counter productive to do so if the intent is to free the body from the fetters of the mind.

A very annoying and tenacious tense area noted during the bmm part on the right side back of the neck. Next U&E session I will focus on that more.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 13 entries…)
6. Marlena's smile

remembering her face makes me happy
remember how good it feels to kiss it.

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 13 entries…)
5. Metalocalypse

probably the 2nd best cartoon ever.
it is brutal and funny and the songs rock

identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money) (read all 13 entries…)
4. Aqua Teen Hunger Force

One of the best cartoons ever.
Every character is stark and vivid.
completley meaningless and nihilistic.

Learn Flash (read all 9 entries…)
flash action script

been reading the pdf Learning Action Script 2.0 in Flash

got stuck on chapter 4, Variables and Data Types; passing variables from HTML to an embedded .swf file. Following the example letter for letter, the SWF reports that the variable is undefined, and I don’t know why.

I also spend some time tryin to understand what is the object classid thing all about. It turned out its a URI, a Universal Resource Identifier, of which a URL, the Universal Resource Locator is a subset.


I don’t know what is wrong with:
embed src=”urlvariables.swf?myURL=”

info on URI’s can be found here:

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

woke up 1.5hrs late at 530 am
made some tea
the sequence of ajs10 warmups, 1m35s horse stance, 4 sets of 20 rolls, yang tai chi.
feeling good.

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

this was relatively painless today. i’ve slacked off while on vacation, muscle probably re-healed… getting back into it feels good.

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

it was kind of easy to do; shaking started with 30s left to go.
even then it was almost pleasant. i wonder if i let my butt hang too low and it is easier. raising slightly caused more strain.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

1m33s HS
4×20 rolls
chen tai chi
cannon fist tai chi

seriously grown my gut this past week with all the yummy food.

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

tolerable for 1m13s
last 20s pain & shaking
last 10s staring and/or imagining voraciously at the timer watching seconds diminish.

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

pain bad after 1m11s
last 22s very painful
no severe shaking occured

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

no need to cram everything into one day.
every other day will be a different routine.
today is the undoing, energized hypnosis
yesterday and tomorrow was and will be the martial arts.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)

face exercise – stretching the face to extremes to feel a little burn, holding each position about 10 seconds, then after 6 minutes relax. helps break up the mask of tension developed overnight

ajs10 – basic warmups to loosen up the rest of the body

1m32s low horse stance for 1m32s… painful. working up to 1hr…

3×20 – 3 sets of 20 rolls, for upper body strength

yang tai chi – the form done with minimal slop. in limited physical space, managed by doubling up on steps, taking some steps back instead of forward helps maintain the continuity of the form without too much compromise.

chen tai chi

cannon fist

tai chi sword: recovering forgotten moves. having not practiced it in a while, (6+ months) i am now recalling the movements. had a breakthrough today. still stuck in a spot.

stand in low horse stance for 1 hr (read all 50 entries…)

shaking after 1min
pain after 45s
severe pain aftre 1m15s

this is not going to work if i take too many breaks.

practice martial arts regularly (read all 58 entries…)


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