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still working on it

I dunno, maybe I’m trying to make my things too big. 43 seems like such a huge number of real things to be working towards… but then again, of the ones I have, I could probably break them down into lots of little things. Maybe I need to work on expanding my goals. :-D

find a unique, cute little travel mascot to take with me on all trips and photograph "him" next to touristy sites wherever i go...(kind of like the traveling gnome).
oh, i like this one

When I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant with my oldest, my water broke. I was in the hospital for a few days while the doctors tried to delay labor. My husband tried to do little things to keep me from going crazy while sitting in that room, and one thing he did was to bring me Dolly. Dolly is a stuffed green frog with big bulging eyes (hence the name “Dolly”) and wearing a little Santa cap. She was kept with the xmas decorations, so I have no idea why Dolly wasn’t packed up since it was September. He set her on this big armoire thing across the room from me, staring at me. Sounds creepy, but it was hilarious. In fact, when my second daughter was born, we brought Dolly once again to the labor room. It’s a big to-do when we take her out at xmas. When I came across this thing-to-do, it seemed like it would be fun to take her with us to different places. I’ll have to dig her out of the basement.

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not there yet, but better

It took me a while, but I was finally able to break the habit of sitting on a foot when I’d sit at the computer. Now I just have to stop leaning over the desk on one elbow.

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