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How I did it
How to see Mount Susitna(the Sleeping Lady) in person
It took me
2 weeks
It made me
in awe

How to be a better dog owner
It took me
3 weeks
It made me

How to get my GED
It took me
4 months
It made me

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find the right guy

went to preschool and gradechool together, started dating at we are 20 :)

Move back to alaska

Gonna be roommates with my best friend and get a place…got it all planned out.

IM MOVING BACK TO ALASKA ! ! ! so excited :)

Stay up to see the first snowfall of the year
First snowfall hopefully tonight

We are supposed to get snow tonight in Colorado, and while waking up to snow is great I would rather stay up to see and enjoy the first snowfall.

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