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  1. 1. Be in a boxing match
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  2. 2. Skydive
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  3. 3. run a marathon
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  4. 4. pilot a plane
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  5. 5. learn to sail
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  6. 6. build a boat
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  7. 7. write a book
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How I did it
How to hike the inca trail to machu pichu
It took me
4 days
It made me

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write a book

I’m a avid reader and a keen dreamer. To be able to write a book and publish would the bring both together… got to find time and good idea (ninja on a train!)

build a boat

Something that lasts and that i can take on the water, maybe to share one day with a son or daughter (preferably get it built before that!)

learn to sail

the idea of freedom from obstacles and the sea in the background… got to be done.

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