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  1. 1. Be happy about who I am
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  2. 2. feel free
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  3. 3. Smile every day
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  4. 4. To live instead of exist
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  5. 5. learn the piano
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  6. 6. discover my career path
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  7. 7. feel beautiful
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  8. 8. learn how to dance salsa
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  9. 9. fall in love hopelessly and completely
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  10. 10. identify 100 things that make me happy (besides money)
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To live instead of exist

I wish i knew what the hell i’m gonna do in my life; i dont know whatt job i want, or if i should carry on living in italy, or move to england. i feel like a cardboard cut out but there’s hope! :) it’s not the end of the story, i can decide, and time is on my side.;)

learn the piano

probably never gonna happen, but still i would love to play the piano :) it’s so theraputic. so far i can only play twinkle twinkle little star :O XD

learn how to dance salsa

i love to dance, but so far only disco dancing, which is goodfor burning calories..but i want to learn real steps :)


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